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Vamsee Juluri

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" Academic writing is sophisticated but stuck in racist ideas and stereotypes "

An author and Professor of Media Studies at the University of San Francisco, Vamsee Juluri's recent book “Rearming Hindusim,” has garnered a lot of praise and kindled the dialogue on religion and the need for its correct interpretation. We caught up with the author where speaks about religion, his book and his writings on Hinduism which he says, “generally came from a desire to overcome polarization and distortion in the discourse today.”

Your recent book Rearming Hinduism - how satisfied have you been with the feedback? Any particular critique/reaction/feedback that has stayed with you – either for better or worse?

I am happy with the warm response to the book. I have received many useful comments. I was most touched by a handwritten letter from an octogenarian school principal from Bangalore. It was several pages long, and I felt blessed that our elders value future generations enough to speak about the importance of spiritual and philosophical revival to the survival of the planet. Read more

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