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CBSE All In One Science Class 10 for 2021 Exam

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Buy school textbooks and guides at Amazon India

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With the current boom in the e-commerce industry, you no longer have to rush to your child’s school to purchase school textbooks. Right from nursery to grade 12, you can find books for all subjects and different syllabi when you shop online. The collection of NCERT Books online, CBSE books, ICSE Books on Amazon India offers you a myriad of choices. Browse through the collection and shop online now.

Books for all

If you are shopping for primary or secondary class text books online, you are sure to find one on Amazon.in. Check out the class-wise books section for a seamless shopping experience. Segregated in four divisions, the collection offers all subjects for different grades. Used by countless institutions across India, these books have been instrumental in educating young minds in a creative and easy manner. If you are looking for a particular subject, go through the wide collection of books subject-wise. It covers a wide spectrum of subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Hindi, Social Studies, Accountancy, Business Studies, Commerce, Economics, and Computers. These books provide extensive knowledge and are easy to understand. For example, in his book ‘The Talent Code’, the award-winning journalist Daniel Coyle writes on how greatness isn’t born, but grown. He uses well-researched information to script the book. And all the other books follow the same pattern, that is, cutting-edge research. Available in hardcover, paperback, audio book and board book, you can choose any format you like. Also, you can choose any language you prefer as some of the books are written in English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Frenchand more.

Guide books for exam

While getting ready for a competitive exam, make sure to take advantage of the best discounts on school exam guides. From Olympiads and IIT Foundation to School Exam Guides, these books cover many topics in-depth. And the secret to success is to read these helpful guide books. Success is just a step away with these books in your hands.

More about the world

Teaching your kid world geography wouldn’t be so boring if you used fun teaching tools. Browse through the collection of colourful atlases and maps and grab the one that best suits your child’s need. Available in both, book and poster format, the collection includes Ocean World, Wildlife Atlas, Continents and Countries, Our World and more. You would be surprised to see your child admiring the colourful pictures on the books with undivided attention. These books also make for a great home-schooling tool. The countless questions your child asks you in between will certainly astonish you. Make learning a fun experience for you and your little one by taking advantage of these books.

Pictorial books for kids

If you are looking for books for your little one, check out the collection of charts for children. These charts are a great tool to lay a foundation of basic learning. From trusted publishers such as Parragon Books and Dreamland Publications, the collection offers multiple charts, such as Fruit Chart 1, Yoga Chart 5, Astronomy, I Love Colours and more. You can schedule a few minutes every day to teach your child or hang it in their room.

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You can shop online at your convenience; be it at home or office. The books you purchase will get delivered at your doorstep. To grab the best deals, check out the books available in discounts. With just a few clicks, the book you purchase gets delivered at your doorstep