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Pixel Pet
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Pixel Pet

by Rajath Bail

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Pixel Pet is the perfect designer desk pet.
It has most sizes memorised, so just ask for a size and have it read it out to you as you type it down on your art board settings. If you didn't get it just ask and Pixel Pet will repeat it out to you.

You can ask for a size in any unit you'd like and even just the height or width of that size
e.g.: Alexa Ask Pixel Pet, what is the height of an iPhone in pixels?

Pixel pet was conceived with the following work flow in mind:
1. Open up your software and open a new art board/ Canvas.
2. Ask Pixel Pet for your size in the units you'd like them in.
3. Type out the values in the corresponding fields as it is dictated.
4. Ask for it to be repeated if you'd like.

Once you get the hang of it just ask for the size with a single word. The units will default to pixels and you'll get your answer.
e.g.: Alexa ask Pixel Pet, A9

This skill is meant to help enhance your work flow and make the process of finding a size easier. Rather than checking with google and copy pasting the values as you go back and forth between browser and software, Simply ask and Pixel Pet will read it out to you.

If there's a size you'd like added or for any questions/suggestions please do write to me at Hope this helps you!

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