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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 December 2017
Book Title: A quest for spring
Author: Monica Mujumdar Dixit
Format: Kindle
Total Number of Pages: 402
Publisher: Notion Press
Publishing Date: 12th Sept 2017
Printed Price: INR 9

Book Title:
The book title ‘A quest for spring' is interesting, positive and refreshing.

Book Cover :
The book cover is very sober yet colorful. The abstract image of a tree with few leaved and pods is very nice.

The abstract noun called 'Love' is very unpredictable if it enters into one's life. In order to completely
understand and enjoy the beauty, the person must be ready to experience everything that comes with
it. Two people meet for a reason is the main essesnce.

The plot is a nice mixture of roller coaster of various emotions like friendship, romance, anger, anxiety and forgiving. The reunion after all this emotional drama is the ending of the story.

All the characters in the book are good.

The narration of the story is good.

Language and Vocabulary:
The language is simple, but there are some editing glitches found. The author must take a little more care in the future works.

My Final Verdict—
A good one time read book!

Book title: 3.5/5
Book Cover: 3.5/5
Plot: 3.5/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Narration: 3.5/5
Language and Vocabulary: 3/5
The overall rating I give is 3.5\5
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 January 2018
'A Quest for Spring' by Monica Majumdar is a journey which begins with a common path, gets diverged and then finally meets its destination on the same path.

The title of the book is very optimistic and brings a positive vibe of the spring season . It goes very well with the story . Also the cover is in sync with the title . But I feel it could have been title more catchy. The blurb is also crisp and is written in an interesting way.

The plot of the story basically tells that the most common word LOVE isn't a bed of roses. Once a person is on the journey of love, the hurdles are bound to come . What matters is how we overcome all the problems to reach the final destination. The destination here was the reunion of Amolika and Raehan that is described beautifully.

The character are nicely described with every character getting sufficient space in the plot . The narration is engaging and the language is lucid . I wish the author would have done little bit more experiment with the storyline as it was just a normal read .

Rating -
Cover - 3/5
Title - 4/5
Narration - 4/5
plot - 3/5
Overall - 3/5
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on 28 June 2018
I love a good love story. This one was quite so.

The story is well written in four parts. While, I loved the book and characters, I found it dragged too long.
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on 28 March 2018
‘A quest for spring’ is a story of Amolika and Raehan. They both are two completely opposite personalities. Will they meet? If they’re in love, will the world allow them to live together? This is a wonderful romance tale with lots of drama.
first of all, I liked the title of the book. it’s impressive. The cover could have been much better. The book is divided into four parts. Each part has a different story to tell. The first two parts are slow paced.It was going too boring and slow. but the last two parts are something that I loved. They’re fast-paced, with lots of politics, journalism, and love. The author has written a matured story. The characters are balanced. I loved Amolika’s character. Her spirit for never giving up on her dreams, her maturity while handling situations is something I liked most. The language used by the author is simple and interesting. one can easily connect with the story. The tempo of the story is good. and the twists start from the part 3. The book has various emotions expressed beautifully. Though there are many repetitive parts in the story which makes the book a lil boring and unnecessarily lengthy read.The author had built strong characters, and each character had a vital role to play. Journalism, Politics, love, friendship, relationships is what this book revolves around. There are some wonderful lines and shayries in the book which I loved. The narration of the story is also good. The author narrated all the minute details beautifully. The story is well plotted and narrated. The flow of the story is crisp and smooth. It’s an easy but a lengthy read.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 June 2018
A Quest for Spring traces the journey of Amolika and Raehan from being friends to soulmates. Raehan and Amolika both come from very different backgrounds. While Amolika hails from a family of Army officers, Raehan belongs to the beautiful but dangerous valley of Kashmir.

Amolika is raised by her uncle after her parents’ death and Raehan is raised by his grandfather after his parents’ separation. The two meet for the first time in their college where they are both pursuing the same course. Amolika is sent to this college by her uncle to spy on Raehan, who comes from a political family. While Amolika gets close to Raehan to get information from him, unbeknownst to herself she falls in love with him. And Raehan loves Amolika too.

But the course of their love story cannot run smooth and on the last day of their college, Raehan is compelled by Amolika to leave and not to look behind. The clock keeps ticking and life goes on. 16 years pass and destiny once again brings them face to face with each other. But things have changed now. Raehan is now the chief minister and has a family of his own. And Amolika having escaped from an unhappy marriage has become a reputed journalist in London. But the wounds of the past have not healed yet.

Raehan and Amolika’s lives are dry and cold as winters. But if winter comes, can spring be far behind? Transcending social conventions, religious bounds and political turmoil, A Quest for Spring is a celebration of the union after a long wait of 18 years.

*My Verdict

The book, although a romance, has a lot of different elements like espionage, religious differences, political commentary, patriotism, suspense, conspiracies, envy and jealousy. The main plot follows the simple pattern of love, separation and reunion. But that’s not all about the book. There is much more to it. And I really admire the author for presenting a fine blend of all the different elements. Nothing seemed out of place or forced by the author.

Divided into four parts, the narrative focuses on four different time periods in the lives of the main characters. The story is told from a third person point of view that closely follows Amolika and Raehan’s perspective. There are a lot of characters in the book but there was no confusion regarding them. Each character has a clear and distinct image. But I couldn’t relate much with the characters. I could sympathise somewhat with Raehan but I cared little for Amolika and rest of the characters. I really wished the story or the dialogues to be more poignant.

I liked the overall story of the book but at times it was repetitive. Certain phrases are repeated many times which irritated me slightly. Besides that there were also some clichés. But the author manages to hold our attention throughout the book with her engrossing writing style. It is her beautiful writing style that kept me hooked up and held my anticipation from the first page to the last one. I also appreciate the fact that there is very little use of Hinglish in this book.

I felt that book was a bit stretched and could have been completed in lesser number of pages, maybe around 300 pages. At times the pace was really slow and at other times it felt fast. Out of the four sections, I enjoyed the third section the most. I attribute it to the suspense element of that part. And I certainly feel that the author has a lot of potential to experiment in different genres especially thrillers.

My Rating: ***(3.5/5)
review image
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on 21 February 2018
Disclaimer – The book is 402 pages long . A lot many of you won’t pick it up seeing the size but I urge you to read the review once and then decide.

“I can’t promise you only blooms but I will weed out the thorns from our path.”

A Quest For Spring by Monica Mujumdar Dixit is a love tale between Raehan and Amolika who are poles apart. They meet in school and Amolika , who is much of a vibrant chatter girl befriends Raehan who is a reserved and shy person. Amidst meeting daily and hanging out with each other , they fall in love only to brush it off as “best friends” . At the last day of school, Raehan gathers the courage to tell Amolika about his feelings but they are separated by destiny.

Cut to sixteen years later , they meet again and their past undead love blossoms again. What is in store for them this time? Will they fall apart or stay together? Only time will tell..

The book is broadly divided in four parts.

1. The day Raehan and Amolika meet till their last day of school and their parting ways.
2. Amolika’s point of view and her life without Raehan.
3. Sixteen years later their encounter with each other.
4. The story continues.

Now , what honestly was a let down for me was the length of this book. 402 pages for a romance novel is not something I would generally pick up. The first half of the book is dragged and slow paced. I almost abandoned this book after a point but someone completed this.
I like the characterization. The author has aced that department. I am not naming the characters because that will give out a lot of spoilers. I like the mix of political drama in the story. The writing style is quite simple which is an edge since it makes you feel very connected and realistic.

A cliche bollywood plot line mixed with political drama , pick this one up only if you are willing to invest time in this.
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on 17 December 2017
Love is an uncanny emotion as it is ever evolving. But this story is not only about love. It is an amalgamation of appropriate amounts of drama, anxiety, love, romance and regret. The story revolves around Raehan and Amolika, two young souls who are subtly struck by cupid during their college days. The commendable character sketch of these ‘round’ characters is worth praising. With an objective atmosphere, the story describes the plethora of pathos in their life. Simple and predictable, the story progresses through a lot of ups and downs that drive the two protagonists apart and then destiny whirls its charmed wand and tries to bring them closer again.

What I liked about this book is the analogy drawn between happy days and the spring season. In that sense, the title makes absolute sense and is apt. However, the cover fails to appeal owing to the way in which 'SPRING' has been printed.

‘A Quest for Spring’ is a simple read. The plot of the story is predictable and is not new to the readers. The narration is lucid and easy to comprehend. The dialogue delivery is fine. But the major problem lies in awful editing that might surely irk the readers. Another problem is the meek character sketch of the side characters; they act like mere caricatures. A little more about them would have balanced the story.

Overall, a good yet simple plot that is comprehensible but clichéd.

Best wishes to the author!
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on 18 April 2018
Thankyou so much @aquestforspring for sending me the book!
The book is divided into four parts. The first part is about a girl named Amolika who is raised by her Kaka because of her parents' death in childhood. She takes admission in a college where her Kaka assigns her to collect information from a suspected kashmiri boy Raehan. Raehan and Amolika becomes friend within a few days and grows extremely fond of each other, eventually falling in love. But because of some problems they break-up. This part is slow and at quite a few place dragged, but that is required for establishing the whole plot and characters. In the second part a devastated Amolika is trying to cope up with the preceding incidents. On the other hand Kaka forces her to marry his trusted army cadet Vikram. At this point everyone is bound to feel sad for Amolika and the culture of India to force marriage on someone. This part didn't have mention of Raehan that much so I was more intrigued to know about him. The third part witnesses meeting of Raehan and Amolika after long sixteen years. Amolika in this part is much stronger than ever, but still unhealed from the heartbreak. This part also deals with politics, political and social unrest etc. Raehan's story becomes clear here. And the last part where the story concludes. I don't want to give much spoilers for this part as I liked this part the most.

This story is a mixture of love, friendship, betrayal, politics, social issues and what not! At points the story becomes very slow and dragged but otherwise it's a quiet good story. I could even imagine it as a bollywood motion picture. Recommended for the romance lovers. I would go with 3.5/5.
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on 11 February 2018
A Quest for Spring is a novel of friendship, of betrayal, and most importantly, of love. Raehan and Amolika, although polar opposites, find themselves being drawn to each other more and more as time passes. What started as a college friendship soon turns into sincere affection for one another. Despite belonging to different religion and social strata, Raehan and Amolika, are caught in a web of uncertainty regarding their future. Underlying their love is an ulterior motive, which prevents them from being together. Raehan and Amolika, separated by destiny, are reunited once again after sixteen years. One is going to become the Chief Minister, and the other is already a renowned journalist. Their meeting will unearth layers of the past which were buried deep within. Will this chance meeting bring back bitter memories or will they see through the storm?

I really enjoyed the beginning of Raehan and Amolika's friendship during their college days at St.Pauls. Through the entirety of the novel, I was drawn to the character of  Amolika. She is driven and highly ambitious and is always up for challenges. Raehan, on the other hand, became an interesting character in the later part of the novel. The author has smoothly incorporated the role of other characters which sometimes came across better than our main characters. I really wanted to read more about Dhruv and his life. What really appealed to me were the plot twists. Since I had ventured into reading a romance novel, I was expecting cliche moments and unnecessary display of affection but here, none of that took place.  For someone who isn't into romantic novels, I was glued to the story for most parts.

Coming to the details, the author has penned down several moments that took place in 1990s, such as the mentions of SRK movies or Titanic or Princess Diana's death.  The political backdrop of the novel makes it all the more interesting. The novel is divided into 4 parts, each taking us through Raehan and Amolika's transition. The storytelling has been commendable.

Despite the good story line, there has been lack of attention given to punctuation and grammatical errors. There are way too many exclamation marks, and in most of the places two words have no spacing between them. This made it difficult to go through the book. I really wished more emphasis was given on editing. The climax was also predictable.

For a debut novel, Monica has presented to us a romance that stood all the hardships and emerged victorious. Lovers of the romance genre will really like the book.
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on 20 January 2018
*Note: A copy of the book was provided in exchange of an honest review. I would like to thank the author (Monica Mujumdar Dixit) for the copy.*

In the novel, Quest for Spring we follow the lives of the two characters, from when they first meet in college and then after. For me the highlight of the novel was the representation of mental illness in one of the focus characters. So few India novels even discuss mental illness, much less create characters with Depression or Anxiety.

I genuinely liked the sub-plots and the secondary characters, so much so that I wish I had more from them. The initial relationship between Kaka and Amolika was so painfully true and filled with love. No secondary character seemed to be one dimensional or created for the plot, instead they were seamlessly built into the story. Reahan was a little shady for me at first glance. I thought he was too secretive and too shy and even with Amolika I felt like she was being a little pushy with their friendship.

However, as their relationship grew, so did my feelings for both of them. At this point I would also like to talk about the narrative style. Though written in the third person, I genuinely enjoyed bits from their adult conversations more from when they were in college, and that I feel is great character development. The conversations took a turn in their maturity, way of addressing and even self-confidence of the characters. I truly thought that the characters grew with time. At the beginning there is a bit of gender bender in the way that sometimes Amolika saves Reahan from social events and public elocution, rather than Amolika being saved by Reahan.
“She couldn’t believe that this was the same Reahan who felt nervous while giving a presentation”.

Also for some reason, I really liked, Abhimanyu as a character. Of course, I was hooked to the story from the start. I mean the prologue made me want to flip over to the last page and read what really happens in their lives, so props to Dixit for that.

My only issue with the novel is the ellipses and the exclamation marks, even in a sad scene. I mean, as a reader I have read characters who sigh excessively or shrug like their shoulders will fall off, but using exclamation marks while talking about tragic events just seemed a bit rowdy to me, and not to mention insensitive. However, if you do over look that part, this was a brilliantly done novel. There wasn’t one dull moment. Even they were apart you were equally invested in their future and them as individuals.

So, all in all, this was a wonderful read for me. I would recommend this novel to any romantic soul out there, even though romance is the genre, it is not all that takes place, so for non-romantic souls this novel would be a perfect fit too.

And I really do wish that we hear more about some of the other characters and their stories in the near future.

- Samidha
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