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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

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on 27 November 2017
One of the finest debut novel. A perfect manuscript for the bollywood and it could be a blockbuster. This is a fiction and is very interesting, I would say.The story is in two halves that is a flashback and present. Amolika and Raehan are two main protagonists apart from them there are a few more characters who have played a vital role in these two protagonist life. As I read and understood Amolika, an ambitious girl who lost her parents in terror attack while they were touring the Valley, and was raised by her paternal uncle, Brigadier Bhaskar Nath. Ms. Nath a free spirited soul dream to pursue journalism, but she goes to St. Paul Institute at Dharnidhar where she met Rarhan and silently fall in love with him.

Raehan is a charming boy belongs to the political family background a good guitarist, an introvert boy but get mingled with Amolika and started to like her.

Life is not that easy, Amolika is on a mission to spy on Raehan this is 1997 roll on.

2014 scenario, Amolika a jouralist who was sent to India to Cover elections And CM is Raehan.

The Story is written very neatly, plot is explained very well, it’s a love story basically that brewed during colleges, but both Amolika and Reahan get separated because of some reasons. Raehan get married to Nazzia and have Twins where as Amolika get marrieds to Vikran and was divorced and so Raehan was. I love all the characters because the story has a possitivity. Amman and Adile, best examples of children who take their parent’s separation as a positive one and help their parents. Milli a very good friend.

Title very attractive and cover with spring season picture and greenish touch and yellow flowers (yellow favorite color of Amolika) is a nice combination apt for the title. Blurb definitely gives you an urge to read the insights. Language and narration are lucid I must say after reading this book, your vocabulary will definitely get stronger. And indeed a story id very interesting, made me glued page to page.

I have just given the glimpse of the story, to know all the twists and turns, planning and plotting and finally, how the reunion of these love birds, which is very interesting. order your copy now!!!!
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on 21 November 2017
"A Quest for Spring" by Monica Mujumdar Dixit is a roller coaster ride of love, separation and reconciliation!

The plot is beautifully written which revolves around Raehan and Amolika who amidst college life find themselves drawn to each other with a bond of love. However, they drift apart only to reconcile years later!

The storyline is engrossing and gripping with emotions and feelings described vividly. The tale contains elements of thrill, suspense mystery making it difficult to put down.

Towards the end of tale, the readers feel connected and bonded to the characters, especially Amolika and the happy ending of the story simply wins readers' hearts.

The language is lucid and mellifluous with a few printing errors. The characterisation is done beautifully with relatable characters.

I found the cover quite attractive with a revealing blurb and apt title 'A Quest for Spring .'
I would like to rate it as 4.2 out of 5. Certainly recommend to all book lovers out there...
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on 12 February 2018
A Quest For Spring is a perfect story written in order to complete an incomplete love story with all sorts of emotions. To begin with, the plot is interesting with a dynamic storyline. It gives us insights into different aspects of life like friendship, love, hatred, betrayal, marriage, separation, reunion, in short, it has everything. Talking about the characters, there is a handful of them. The book revolves around the major characters with each of them playing a vital role in shaping the story. I found the characterization of the protagonist Raehan the best.The language and writing style is simple and impactful which makes it easier for the readers to connect and remember for a long time. Also, the book is free from any grammatical error.

The thing which I like the most is one can read this book slowly and steadily every day. It is a thick book which gives immense satisfaction to the readers.

Also, it has a perfect cover and title which beautifully compliments the blurb.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 June 2018
The oft quoted line -

" If winter comes, can spring be far behind?"

seems to be the driving force of Dixit's latest release : A Quest for Spring. The story centers around Raehan and Amolika who bump into each other during their college days. Needless to springs, love springs up like roses, however, it does come with its thorns. But scarcely is life easy, and we find the young lovers apart owing to their respective circumstances that force them to bid farewell to all the new emotions.

16 years fast forward and now they are in completely different situations, however, if something hasn't particularly changed it is their feelings for each other.


Amolika's character, no doubt, is the best etched of all. However, I would probably not be very wrong if I said that Rohan is the most interesting element of the story. While Amolika mostly leaves you bewildered at her decisions, sometimes too rushed but never wrong ; Raehan captures your heart with his sweet attitude towards his loved ones. He has attained the position of a perfect and ideal man anyone can ask for and hence he is my favourite character.

Both Raehan and Amolika have been married once before they meet again, hence their second meet needed a little bit more of detailing that brought about the changes much more clearly. That is probably one of the very few things that can be improvised upon.

Style and Vocabulary

Dixit's style is moderately descriptive, but mostly conversational which makes it a fast paced read. At almost 400 pages, and its quite large size, I do think some 50-100 pages could have been cut down without affecting the plot itself. The vocab is remarkable and brilliant, a little bit difficult for everyone to gulp down maybe because sometimes it seems more pretentious than original. Unnecessary complications of language seldom adds to the richness of a work.

But.....I am annoyed with the publisher!

They have carelessly published the manuscript without checking what was printed, pg 277 coveringit , question mark missing on page 341, and several such minor mistake which overall decrease the book's appeal.

Such minor faults, however can be overlooked if you go for the story itself and decide to grab the book.
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on 27 December 2017
TheLazyScoop Review:

Cover and Quality:

The cover of the book is simple yet attractive. The overall size of the book is large and slightly fat, which makes it delightful to hold in hands while reading. The font and quality of pages is top-notch.

Plot and Narration :

A Quest for Spring is a story of Amolika and Raehan who somehow end up studying in the same college, their friendship blossoms, though there are some secretive motives behind that friendship, the bond is true. But sometimes Destiny has other plans, as their world changes, one ends up being a Journalist whereas the other becomes Chief Minister. What would happen then as 16 years have passed since they last met. Will the soulmates come together?

I felt that Raehan and Amolika's chemistry is described well, you experience the innocense and perplexity of their bond. I liked how the relationship and attraction slowly builds up between Amolika and Raehan, I never felt as if the Author is trying to rush things up, which mostly happens in Romantic Novels these days. Amolika's character was strong headed. Raehan was mysterious at first but later I connected with him well as a reader.

One of the things I liked about this book is that Author doesn't let the story be monotonous at all. Though the story mainly revolves around the protagonists, the situations, Time Lapse, their changed perspectives over the years, everything constantly keeps you engaged.

Also, the initial part of the book is set up in 1997, and the attention to detail is commendable, as the Author takes you decades back to narrate this story, the references to Princess Diana's death to Srk's new movie Yes Boss, Listening to walkman, calling from Public Booth, etc all help in actually taking you back in those times.

The narration of the Author is simple and yet very engaging. Description of some scenes is beautifully done. Though few chapters in the later half felt slightly dragged. For a debut novel, the writing style is impressive.

Characterization is also great, Amolika's character feels real after few chapters. She's headstrong and emotional. Raehan is mysterious but slowly reveals different shades of his personality. There are other characters too like Millie, Vikram, etc which are written well.

The LazyScoop Verdict:

Overall, 'A Quest For Spring' is an entertaining book which takes you on a romantic, emotional and nostalgic ride. The story jumps between decades, and you feel emotionally connected to the characters. There are some books which can make great movie adaptations, I think this book is one of them.


Cover: 4/ 5 Stars

Plot: 4/ 5 Stars

Narration: 4/5 Stars

Characterization: 4/ 5 Stars

Entertainment: 4/ 5 Stars

The LazyScoop Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

'A Quest For Spring' by Monica Majumdar Dixit, absolutely recommended by TheLazyScoop!
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on 28 November 2017
Love works in mysterious ways. However, to understand it, one must truly feel it. Would you be willing to sacrifice your life for the person you love? Would you wait an eternity even when there are no hopes of reunion? Would you absorb the shocks of reunion when you finally see the life the other person has created without you? Amolika and Raehan are as diverse as they could be yet are pulled together by force of love. However, before the love could set in, their universes collide with such intensity that it destroys the life as they knew it.
The language is very comprehensible and explicit. You will know exactly what the character wants to convey and the internal quarrels of their mind, giving you a better character understanding necessary for plot. The story concept is unique and takes you thru time travel from Amolika’s childhood to the present day her. The point in the book where the title actually makes sense, loved the touch of it.
The book gets predictable towards last bunch of chapters, could have probably been cut short to a more cleaner, straight to the point chapter. There were few writing errors, however does not hamper the story line.
“Love is not something you decide. Love finds you in the most unusual of places and at the most unexpected times. It just happened and you don’t even realize it till you are deep into it. Suppose you were to fall in love with someone who is total contrast from what you are in every sense of the world, what would you do then?” – A question direct from the book, read the book to find the answer! After immense wait have I found a book which I could not part ways with, it had me clicking pictures on my cell of chapters at stretch so that I could read it even while I was working, definitely a must read!
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on 29 November 2017
3.5 stars! :)

A Quest For Spring depicts a friendship between two people who were total opposites.

It's a beautiful story, with a lot of ups and downs.

I liked the writing style as well as the characters, especially the soon to be lawyer, Millie was my favorite.

The one thing that irritated me throughout this book was the punctuation. I don't know who edited this novel, but whoever it was, did a poor job. Almost all of the dialogues ended with either an exclamation mark or a question mark. Like, every sentence that should've ended with a full stop instead ended with an exclamation mark. And being the Grammar-Nazi I am, I hated that. It almost made me give up a few times, but I managed to hold on!

Other than that, A Quest For Spring was a beautifully depicted story, with interesting characters and a really good storyline.
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on 30 September 2017
Though a long read, still, the story has the potential to keep one entwined till the end!! In the initial pages the story seems to be another "Girl meets boy" narrative but it quickly matures to encompass flavours of love, separation, suspense and thrill, lucidly woven into words.

On a literary front, the language is fair in terms of expressiveness but probably a little short of good vis a vis the plot.

Kudos to Monica Mazumdar Dixit for excellent story telling in her very first attempt !!!
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on 15 December 2017
A Quest for Spring: Book Review
Monica Mujumdar Dixit

What is common between your first love and A – Z, the alphabet? You never forget either of them, not even a part, regardless of all the experiences, knowledge, information, work, life, good, bad, rubbish, garbage etc. that is shoved into your memory over time. A Quest for Spring reminds you of that. First love.

Theme and Plot

The theme of the story is unquestionably – spring. Spring is the underlying current in the entire story in all it’s forms, love between the characters which turns into autumn and again turns into spring; happiness of the characters – who also traverse from spring to summer to autumn to winter to spring again.
The plot is divided into four parts. The reader particularly loves the first part where the bond between the protagonists develops and gets snapped with a twist in the tale. The other parts are about the characters travelling further in their journey and describe how life makes a journalist out of one of the protagonists and a Chief Minister out of the other. The crests and troughs of their stories comprise of all the trade-offs and compromises they make in order to propel their lives forward.


The protagonists Raehan and Amolika are etched in detail and their thoughts, action, behavior etc. have been portrayed with intricate detail. Raehan’s withdrawal and introversion, given his Kashmiri background beautifully turns into comfort and approachability when he forms a bond with Amolika, friendship that blossoms into love. Amolika is the central character and the reader will be able to relate with her in entirety. Her passion and dreams for a career, her state of confusion about Raehan followed by denial, followed by jealousy for the ‘other girl’, followed by acceptance of her own love and the choices that is she is forced to make later in life, have all been etched out in a rather relatable fashion.
All the other characters including the protagonist’s guardians, friends, even spouses have a fair share of space in the narrative and have been written out picturesquely.


The author has drawn a vivid picture with every chapter and every incident. For instance, Raehan’s mental monologue about his childhood memories, of being so accustomed to gunfire, that he stops feeling scared of the same, rather the otherwise horrifying sounds start to take the place of lullabies for him and of children rather than playing scrabble, making games of identifying the gun from the sound of gunfire deserve special mention. Particularly the first part is very endearing as it is cleverly interspersed (being set in the late 90’s of the twentieth century) with “Everything I do by Bryan Adams”, “An Affair to Remember”, “500 miles away from home”, Maruti 800’s, the old cousin of our i pod – the walkman, Shahrukh Khan’s 90’s movies and even some untoward events in world history like the deaths of Lady Diana and Mother Teresa.


Once or twice the narrative does seem a little more stretched than necessary but the story progresses smoothly with all its twists and turns and the characters make some important choices towards the pointy end of the tale. The reader closes the book with misty eyes and a happy heart.
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on 13 November 2017
Just finished reading AQuest for Spring.Congratulations to Monika for her debut book.The book has a very absorbing storyline.The story keeps you engrossed The character of Amolika seems real.The emotions also pictured well.An entirely sofesticted first. novel.
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