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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

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on 20 September 2017
A Quest for Spring:

Kudos to Monica Mujumdar Dixit for writing such a novel with contemporary background.
- Characters are lively and start being you
- Situations are quite realistic and retain suspense
- Amolika is developed finely
- Sequences maintained nicely
- Introduction of side characters in suitable with the qualities
- Last chapters with Political/criminal background are nicely intensified, without being too elaborate
- Raehan needs a bit polishing
- Amolika’s UK stay, prior to assignment, could have been detailed to express her personality.
- Last chapters become predictable
- Being contemporary, use of technology like Mobiles/conversations, TV etc should have been more
- Avoid some repetitions when once narrates what happened in previous pages. This should be handled wisely

It’s well narrated story Mona. Congratulations and looking forward to next!!
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on 24 September 2017
Just finished reading 'A Quest for Spring'. A very absorbing storyline and differently etched chatacters. The protagonist Amolika comes out a very well defined person, willing to sacrifice her own happiness for those whom she holds in high esteem.
The story is like a whiff of fresh air in today's atmosphere of distrust and fear.
For the debut novel of the author, its a commendable and wonderful effort.
Wishing Monica Mujumdar Dixit a very bright writing future.

Review by Anuradha Mujumdar
Just finished reading A Quest for Spring. It is a wonderful novel. When I read it I felt as if I was watching a movie. The scenes are graphically described. Language is classic. Each character is very well brought out. Amolika, the protagonist, emerges the strongest character. There are a number of situations depicting conflict in ideas, perceptions, situations, personalities, etc. The conflict between Amolika’s love for Raehan with social structure and her upbringing; and between herself and Vikram, are very succinctly brought out. The author has very well captured the situation, as it prevailed in the Valley at the end of the last millennium. The emotions like Amolika’s pain, her inability to sort her emotions, Raehan’s love and confusion, Vikram’s anger, have been very well sketched. The storytelling style is just superb.
The storyline is very absorbing and captivating. The narrative travels seamlessly from the meeting of Amolika and Raehan, Amolika and Vikram climaxing to Amolika getting injured while saving Raehan and the final resolution in happy ending.
The language of the author is simple, easy to understand and very effective. Once I started reading I could not keep it away and finished it. The novel is very crisp. The novel also raises tangentially certain social and political issues. It has all the elements that go in making of a good novel. Highly recommended for reading.
There are few typographical errors. But barring those, it is an extremely readable novel. It took me back to my college days. The younger generation can perhaps identify better with the story. I now look forward to her next novel.
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on 25 September 2017
Whilst I was reading the book, I felt I read the real emotions too. The contribution of each and every character is indespensable for the twist and turns that the storyline holds, and Monica has beautifully crafted all the characters. Moreover, I felt the book is very relatable. Glad there weren’t any larger than life scenarios which would be difficult to relate. Everything is subtly done and that’s the USP about this book.

I’d like to congratulate Monica for her scintillating debut performance.
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on 20 May 2018
A Quest For Spring...

After all these years I came across a book that kept pulling me towards it till the time I finished reading it.
Took this book along on a cruise to Europe and the moment I started reading it, I could relate to each and every incident, character and emotion penned by the authoress.
Its amazing how she has managed to unfold the petals of this multilayered wildflower called 'love'.
And the best part is that she has done it how it actually happens, without the buttery essence.
Lucky are the ones who fall in love, and luckier are the ones who hold on to that love despite all odds in the topsy-turvy ride called life.

"le secret du bonheur en amour, ce n'est pas d'être aveugle mais de savoir fermer les yeux quand il le faut..."

This one is a must read guys!
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on 29 October 2017
Though the Winter is still tentively & cautiously approaching us, my Quest for "Spring" is already over. Monica Mujumdar Dixit the quest has been superb,thrilling & satisfying altogether.
The story weaved with emotions, passion, thrill, pace & exitement had all the elements of becoming a film script. The first half of the story may have been a bit lengthy but the second half was pacy & gripping. Starting second half of the book one could not just put down the book even for an emergency, such was the plot woven.
"Monica Mujumdar Dixit" the book did never show a single sign that the writer is publishing her first ever novel. The presentation & the story had all the traces of a seasoned writer within.
One could travel the journey with the charecters with ease. The journey of Amolika & her emotions, struggle, success is lived by the reader throughout & not a single day of the sixteen long years is left out without involvement.

One of the reviews remembers some song but for me it was the song from 'Silsila" always.....
" Ye kanha aa gaye ham ........
Tu badan hai main hun saya, tu na ho to main kahan hun,
Mujhe pyar karne vaale, tu jahan hai main vahan hun,

Hame milna hi tha hamdam, kisi raah pe niklate"
There are a few proofreading mistakes which surely can be resolved in the second edition.
Hats off to you Monica for your debut novel. Wishing you many more successful writing years ahead.
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on 18 September 2017
A Quest for Spring is a fine read. Set in the Valley, it takes us on a journey through phases of the lives of the characters. So gripping is the book that one can't help but be there in that moment in the story, almost stalking them from afar. So true is the tale that one can feel themselves living it. Laced with euphonious verses in Urdu and Hindi, the author takes you on a roller coaster ride. Finding love, seeing it almost in reach and suddenly losing it only to find oneself lost from their own self is captivating and heart touching. The sheer joy one feels when their love rekindles! I was left teary eyed. The book is an acknowledgment of "love conquers all".
The passion and effort poured into this book is remarkable. With every turn of the page, my eagerness kept growing, "what happens next?". And what happened next is for you to read and enjoy. As I thoroughly did so myself.
A must read - not only for the easy flow, but also for the love and peace it gives you.

On a more personal note; Monica tai, I commend you for writing a great and enthralling story. I love the cover of the book. I'm sincerely very happy for you. I hope this is just the beginning of your journey as an author. Godspeed and I wish you bountiful success.
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on 5 February 2018
Coming from a hardcore background of the Indian defence forces, the very first chapter caught my fancy. Having love for Indian authors and indian literature, A Quest For Spring came in as a sublime love story with a strong wiff of a cocktail of emotions that do cloud the mind sometime or the other.
Honestly speaking, a lot of it felt close to the heart, including the "old spice" fragrance which is almost like a muscle memory to me.
Set in a backdrop of simple campus life and graduating to a more complex termoil of ambition and emotions, this book is a must read for everyone who believes in the fabric of love for its purity with no strings attached and for everyone who wants to have a good read to see a shade of themselves hidden somewhere in the pages that make this book what it is!
With a few errors in printing, which do break the continuity of this mellifluous love story, this book gathers steam towards the later half and then with every chapter one wants to quickly go to the next and the next and the next...
I loved the fact that Monica Mujumdar Dixit has not made a desperate attempt to put into words a situation that a common person can not relate to, which infact makes this book a good read for everyone.
It's a book set on a simple plot yet it does manage to intrigue the reader and at the end of it leaves you with a lingering thought -"could it have been any other way?" for the protagonists Amolika and Raehan and not to forget Vikram.
We are all sometimes shades of grey and shades of pink, and this book just bring out the same fact and goes on to show what comes off it when we confuse the grey with the pink. To put it simply, love is mistaken for angst and guilt is confused for alter ego.
Do pick this up and read it through, because when you put it down, you will be happy you met Amolika and Raehan.
Wishing Monica many more novels in the years ahead.
A wonderful read.
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on 19 September 2017
Finished reading Quest for spring. Monica u are an excellent writer capturing every emotions in ur writing. The protogonists appear so real as if u have met them n Know them. Love triumphs all odds. If destined to Meet nothing can stop love reaching it's destination. I love happy endings.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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on 3 January 2018
"A Quest for Spring" is an amazing story of two very different people from completely contrasting circumstances, but who came closer and eventually fell in love.... I perticularly liked the way the Author has depicted the characters of both Rehan and Amolika and they way both still retained an amazing sincerity and love for righteousness throughout their journey... which was probably the reason both fell in love in the first place. For people who are little oblivious of the two difficult and conflicting circumstances embattled by the lead protagonists, this can be a real eye-opener. I agree with few fellow reviewers that this is a story which can be a Bollywood Blockbuster.

The Author Monica has accomplished a fine job of storytelling. The way she has depicted minute details of time-lapsed periods and geo-political scenarios of different periods definitely commands respect for her sturdy preparation before penning her debut novel.

The book is nicely bound with clear print with well-readable font and has a lovely n stylish cover.. Looks good in my bookshelf.

On a flipside, the book looks bit thicker for its modest 386 pages, but nevertheless the journey of both the characters never lets you down.

Overall, this is a very good read and definitely adds up to my best collections. Commendable job by the Author and I look forward to more such amazing reads from her in future.
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on 18 April 2018
Just finished reading 'A Quest for Spring'.
The story is a good mix of various emotions like friendship, love, anxiety ,hatred. The characters of the protagonist Amolika and Rehan are well defined. The narrative of the author is simple and yet engaging.
The story begins with friendship between Amolika and Rehan who happen to take admission in the same college. This friendship blossoms into love. But then there is a twist in the story wherein the paths of Rehan and Amoloka diverge. Both of them achieve success in their respective careers. The story becomes more interesting when the protagonist meet after 16 years.
Loved reading this book.
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