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Home Occasional Less than 100pgs per month Cost: ₹5 to 8
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Enterprise For fast, high quality printing Cost: 50paise to ₹2

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Printers are an extremely useful computer component for printing documents, photographs, posters and more. Whether it’s intended for home, office or educational purposes, investing in a good quality printer is important as they produce better prints, last longer and are more efficient in the long run. Shop from a wide range of laser, inkjet and all-in-one printers at the best prices at Amazon India.

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When it comes to computer printers, inkjet printers are the most popular type out there. Creating images by using ink droplets onto paper, these machines are efficient and ideal for use in homes or small offices. Shop from a large range of inkjet printers from top brands at Amazon India such as HP, Canon, Epson, Brother and more and enjoy high quality color prints at your convenience.

Enjoy Clear and Realistic Prints with Laser Printers from Top Brands

If you do not want to compromise on print quality or need to print a large number of documents on a daily basis, laser printers are perfect for your usage. Based on electrostatic printing technology, these printers produce high quality text, graphics and images and are much faster than other types of printers. As they are more efficient in utilizing cartridges, laser printers are more cost effective in the long run. Choose monochrome or color laser printers from top brands such as Ricoh, Samsung, Canon, HP, Epson, Brother and more depending upon your requirements.

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For inkjet and laser computer printers, you need to change the cartridges once the toner or ink levels have depleted. Amazon India has a wide range of these toner and ink cartridges in all colours available for a wide range of printers at discounted prices.