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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 9 December 2015
First of all good service from, timely delivery before the expected date. Coming to the product, this is my first DSLR and I have researched online for at least 3 months before getting into a conclusion. It is by far the best among the beginners level DSLR in the 25-45k range. Got confused whether to buy Nikon D3300 or Nikon D5200 but chose this one due to better ISO and faster processor and newer version. I am using this camera since almost 2 months now and after using this I am shocked how can a beginners DSLR give performance like this.

Before heading into the review, I would like to mention the contents of the box.


⦿ Nikon D3300 Body, with body cap.
⦿ Nikkor AF-S 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 VR II Kit Lens.
⦿ EN-EL14a Li-ion Battery, with a terminal cover.
⦿ MH-24 Battery Charger.
⦿ UC-E17 Data Transfer USB Cable.
⦿ EG-CP14 AV cable.
⦿ Nikon Strap.
⦿ View NX2 CD-ROM.
⦿ User Manual.
⦿ Warranty Card x 2
1. Two years Warranty Card with the serial Number of the Camera
2. One year International Warranty Card with the serial number of the lens
[Note: Though the two warranty cards comes with either one of the serial numbers, that does not mean it is only applicable to the lens or
camera only, both the warranty cards are applicable to both camera body and lens. Another thing the other accessories are not covered
under any warranty]
⦿ 8 GB SD Card (Taped outside the box)
⦿ Nikon DSLR Camera Bag
⦿ Two Nikon School CDs and one invitation. (Received it as a offer, may not be applicable in your case)
[Note the camera does not come with an Accessory Hot-Shoe Cover, unlike other models, so you have to buy it separately, if you need to protect your hot-shoe, it costs around 35 INR in normal camera shop.]


✔ The Sensor: Well o well, the 24 MP sensor that you get in this camera is the same one as that of the Nikon D7100 and Nikon D5300 which speaks much of the picture quality you are going to get with this camera. The sensor has a total pixel density of 24.78 pixels, which result in images having much details, while sacrificing the low light performance a bit.
✔ The camera comes with a faster and more improved processor, the Expeed 4 Processing Engine which lets the camera to process images and especially videos faster than the older models. This is the main reason why the camera's got faster frame rates than the predecessors.
✔ The camera does not come with OLPF(Optical Low Pass Filter) which results in significantly sharper images. Nikon is doing a new upgrade in their cameras nowadays i.e, they are removing the Low Pass Filter, so as a result, the camera can now capture both types of light i.e, with shorter wavelength and longer wavelength which ultimately makes the images much more sharper.
✔ The camera has a 11 point focus system, which is awesome for a camera at this price tag. You get a single cross type focus point in the middle and other 10 normal focus points surrounding the frame. This 11 focus points can do a fast auto focus while paired up with a good lens and it also has 3D tracking functionality. This 11 points are also very helpful and fast responsive during manual focusing.
✔ The ISO performance is very good for a beginner's DSLR at 12800 and a boost ISO of 25600. More importantly this camera has low noise at 1385 ISO which is awesome. But try to avoid ISO more than 3200 until it is a pitch black scene, because that would produce much noise in the images.
✔ The battery backup is also great, 700 shots is very much unexpected from a camera of this configuration but Nikon seems to have got it right. The EN-EL14a battery is an upgraded version of the EN-EL14 battery which used to come with the Nikon D3200 and it has increased mAh and efficient power handling.
✔ The kit lens is very good and it has a much faster auto-focus than the predecessor and is also much compact and lighter. Most importantly the lens comes with VR II motor, which is very useful for a beginner having problems to hold the camera still at earlier stages of photography. It keeps that 52 mm filter thread so no worries for ones who have 52 mm filter from your old lenses, you can use them on this.
✔ 1080p 60fps, now this is a big deal, even some of the advanced DSLRs can't go that far but this does. Very helpful if you need to shoot action. I have been shooting fast action videos with lag free performance at 1080p 60 fps, thanks to the faster new Expeed 4 processor, which has a super fast processing speed.
✔ You get 5fps 24.0MP RAW files which is awesome but you need a good and faster card for that the offered card can't keep up with that speed. Well a good recommendation and in fact the best card will be SanDisk Extreme Pro, it offers fantastic write speed of 72.8mbps for this camera and the buffer never clicks in if you shoot at burst mode using this card, just you have to keep in mind that the shutter needs to be pressed after every 100 shots to continue burst shooting.
✔ The camera has a good colour depth of 24.3 bits which produces vivid colours on the images and you can see the effect of those 24.3 bits during post processing.
✔ The camera comes with a 3 inch 921k dots LCD display, which may not be the best monitor in the world, but certainly it is bright enough and produces vivid colours close to real world view.
✔ Easy Panaroma mode - Now it is like a bonus though you hardly need it, but handy at times. Remember you are capturing a panaroma from a DSLR so the picture would be much much better than what you may take with phones.
✔ Very compact camera. It does not seem like a DSLR if you hold it in your palm, it is so compact and light. The camera only weighs about 450 g (without the battery), which is super light when you are talking about a DSLR of this performance.


✘ The ISO can be used at one full stop, so you can't get the 1/3rd or 1/2nd stop ISO at manual mode, but you get that in auto mode, that is may be something Nikon has not made due to simplicity for beginners, but that is not so great a deal due to good ISO performance of this camera.
✘ The camera can shoot only 12 bit RAW files, unlike 14 bits in the Nikon D5xxx series, which although produces great image quality, but that extra elegance goes somewhere missing. Though you can hardly notice that until you shoot it at 14 bits RAW and compare the two.
✘ No articulating screen, this is something that would have been better to have for shooting at tricky situations, but that also would have raised the price. But personally I did not give that much priority. Also in professional DSLRs you hardly get that articulating screen.

That said the cons are not that big deal considering the price of this camera and that it is build focusing mostly for the beginners.


Overall a wonderful camera to be owned. The camera bag offered is also fair enough. Many of us think that camera does the job, if we have good camera we can get good images but that is not the thing, a photographer makes the photograph unique not the camera. Yes, there are some limitations but still that is not that important for good shots. This camera just has more features compared to counterparts from Canon or Sony, or any other company at the same price point but that is not a great deal for photography, this is just a bit advanced. Well I have attached some shots taken with the camera and the camera itself. Thank you for reading this much. I will update the review after more usage in depth. Please hit Yes if you found my review helpful, if not then you can comment on the review with your issue and I will definitely help you. Happy Shopping!!!
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