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Garden & Outdoors

Turn your open spaces green. Be it growing your own food or decorating your home & garden with flowers or plants, there are plenty of reasons to take up gardening. Explore our wide selection of Seeds, Watering Equipment, Fertilizers & Soil, Pots & Planters, Pest Control, Live Plants, Gardening tools, Garden Decor, Garden Accessories, Power Tools, Barbeque, Organic Gardening and more to help you get started.

  1. Gardening under 499

    Gardening under 499

    Paradise in a budget
  2. Wonderland Garden Decor

    Wonderland Garden Decor

    Unique planters & decor
  3. Eco-friendly gifts

    Eco-friendly gifts

    Organic, solar & energy saving
  4. Falcon Garden Tools

    Falcon Garden Tools

    Tool set, Trowel, Rake & more
  5. Kraft Seeds

    Kraft Seeds

    Shop now

For all your Gardening Needs

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Waste Decomposer (Pack of 10) 8.
Waste Decomposer (Pack of 10) Waste Decomposer
Novicz Plant Pot 9.
Novicz Plant Pot NOVICZ