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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

on 11 January 2017
First of all I would like to add that This Book is not written by Me. Many People have confused me with the Author because of the Same Name.

Many of my friends, called me when they saw the Book Title with the Author Name as "MOHIT GOYAL". I got calls from many relatives as well, many cousins who admired this book, and also few Girls as well who were in my College.

Thanks a lot The Author "Mohit Goyal" for writing such a Travel Journey Novel which has all the Elements of a Good Novel, adventure, friendship, jealousy, twists and turns.

About Review, This is a great Novel. Its about journey of 3 Friends who travels across India in 3 months covering about 25 Places. The roadtripping isn't the only thing that has been written about, this novel is also about life lessons, having many experiences, Some are Fun-filled, Some are Crazy, Some are pleasant, and some serious enough to land them behind Bars.

Only Incident which I didn't like, was the Incident that happened at Wagah. A catastrophic disaster happened just because of their childish behaviour.

All in all, It was a Fun Book to read..Eagerly waiting for "Colourful Notions: The Roadtrippers 2.0"
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 January 2017
Abhay, Sashank and Unnati, three youngsters, embark a journey to travel to about 25 places in India, by road. Abhay plans to capture the journey on his camera with Unnati as the voice of the journey while Sashank makes his food fantasies come true.
Starting at Corbett Park and ending at Jama Masjid Delhi, what looked like a normal get away changed their life giving them new reasons to live for.
Sashank found the courage to fulfill his sole wish and Unnati found her love life sorted. Abhay, apart from gaining life experiences on the trip, gained something more precious than all, his family.
Apart from life lessons, they also have tonnes of fun, creating all sorts of nuisance that youngsters do. Some crazy, some pleasant, some eerie and some serious enough to have shoved them into jail.
They find new opportunities, robbers and wild animals as well.
The roadtripping isn't the only thing that the author had written about, he also writes about some devious thoughts that make Abhay lose his sanity as well.

The book has a casual start and the author keeps dropping hints that builds anticipation to explore the story behind those hints.
The language is simple and easy to grasp and the book happens to be a light read.

Ratings- 2.5 out of 5 stars

At first I had the view that the opinions of the author about the places the trio/duo visit could be taken into consideration by anyonr interested in a tour of same sorr but his review on the Jagannath Temple of Puri made me reconsider my view. That place is not just about the three deities, it's about feasting your eyes on the majestic architecture of the temple along with the 33 crore idols craved on the temple walls (Yeah you read right, that's the number)
The place has a museum, a botanical garden, a series of mysterious steps with rumours that lead to nowhere, numerous small temples within the temple and yet the characters in the book call it not wortg a visit, I would really appreciate if the author revisits the place and hires a Panda( Though they are expensive) to let them be aware of the rich heritage that place beholds. It can raise some serious controversy lest some devotees of the temple come across the book.

I cannot say the book to be informative anymore regarding the travel as I couldn't agree with the opinion about the one place I have visited.
The reviews on the food can surely be taken into consideration as I have confirmed the places from a few local mates. Especially, Hotel Paradise and its biriyani.

The chapter "Lama for life" is the best chapter in the entire book and I can suggest the book to anyone who reads just for the sake of them reading the chapter. Really appreciate the author for adding the chapter in the book.

Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini
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on 10 December 2016
This is a very interesting book and makes for an enjoyable read. It is not a run-of-the-mill love story rather a unique premise of three friends going on a road trip across various places in India.

The description of the 25 tourist spots that the protagonists visit are interesting. They do some outrageous stuff wherever they go, which makes room for comic situations in the book.

The three characters are distinctly different from each other and they do have shades of grey. Yet as the journey progresses, you tend to like the characters. My favorite character of the book is Unnati. Her descriptions of the places are lively and her analysis of relationships is very justified.

The transformation of the characters as they progress through the journey is interesting and the philosophical angles in the book are pleasant to read.

I will look forward to more works by Mohit Goyal!
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on 30 November 2016
Story started with Abhay. A guy suffered emotionally because of his parents divorce. His best friend Shashank was the only person whom he considered family. Shashank a foodie fat guy who is settled in his family business was bored of his monotonous life. Only color in Shashank's life was his girlfriend Unnati. Abhay made a plan of road trip. A crazy road trip, starting from Delhi to North - West - South - East India, covering more than 25 locations & more than 10000 thousands KM. Abhay convinced both Shashank as well as Unnati's family for the trip. Their concept kicked off and got finance from main-stream media house production. Through out their trip their bonds deepen and became each other support. They even had self-realisation experience.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 December 2016
Colorful Notions : The Roadtrippers 1.0 by Mohit Goyal can be categorised as a travelogue mixed with fiction. This book will surely grab your attention because of its different motive to serve a point i.e travelling. This book would surely change the perspective of a person. It is always difficult to take a decision like exploring life by tripping but this book surely gives you a glimpse of how to live your life.

The cover of the book is intriguing. This surely gives us an idea about a travelogue but our guess is half wrong when we read the book.

The title Colorful Notions is indeed colorful but the subtitle The Roadtrippers 1.0 has an internal meaning which we come to know at the end.
The story revolves around three youngsters in their early twenties, Shashank (Shasha), Abhay (Ab) and Unnati, who manage to convince themselves first and then their guardians to go ahead with their idea of a road trip. Their plan is to travel throughout India across 25 different places, during a period of three-three and a half months, of cultural and historic significance. The planned journey starts from New Delhi and then moves on to other places like Corbett Park, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Manali and Ladakh, Wagah Border and Golden Temple Amritsar, Bhangarh Fort Alwar, Jaipur and Jaiselmer, Mount Abu, Udaipur, Rann of Kutch, Ellora Caves, Goa, Mysore, Kanyakumari, Rameswaram, Hyderabad, Puri, Kolkata, Bodh Gaya, Varanasi, Taj Mahal and conclude at the Jama Masjid in Delhi.

The places are more hence the author didn’t cover each and every place in the book. To be precise, these places and the checklist is really good but not much space is given to them though the incidents related to some places can make you laugh, cry.

The characters in this book are hilarious at times and we have a good time reading the book. These are characters show bond of love, friendship and tangled life. The way they handle the situations at the worst times is remarkable. It is a treat to analyse these characters. And all three of them took my heart.

The descriptions are apt as the author has beautifully explained about the mentioned places. The comic level is well maintained. Some of the incidents are dramatic and if you enact them, you will surely end up laughing your hearts out. The first person narrative surely adds flavour to it. In short, this book is blending of travel experiences with loads of fun element. It uplifts one’s mood. Even if you are not a traveller, you will surely enjoy this journey. Only the editing seems out of the place as it needs a lot of attention else it surely reach your hearts.
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on 31 December 2016
The blurb of the book is quite catchy and promises to offer something different. The concept of the novel is no doubt unique and interesting. I do not know if I would leave a high paying job and a comfortable life to travel but yes, I would have loved to if possible. Travelling and reading are my two passions and this makes the book quite an interesting read for me which is a novel with travel at the backdrop.

Three friends, with different likes and dislikes but travel as a common love, decide to go on a road trip of India and capture its essence. But whilst touring the country, they also experience many other emotions which are told with the help of a love triangle. Colourful notions has covered many locales like Ladakh, Jim Corbett park, Sunderban, Wagah border, Goa, Hyderabad and many more.

The book is a combination of a travelogue, a love story and a story involving a family drama.

The plot of the novel is very interesting and has potential but somehow I felt the author has included too many things in one book making it confusing for the readers at times. However, the story is simple and relatable. The narration style is also simple and lucid making the read an enjoyable one. However the author has included many clichéd statements and descriptions in the narration which could have been avoided.

At places, I found the description of the places a bit disorganised. Being a travel enthusiast myself, I am well aware of many of the places included in the book and this made me frown at some of the descriptions which seemed to be borrowed from somewhere. It appeared as if the author has personally not visited some of the places.

The title of the book is interesting and the cover is very attractive. It perfectly suits the story and flavour of the book and also manages to get intrigue a reader.

Overall I enjoyed reading the book and recommend to anyone interested in travelling.

3.5 stars rounded off to 4
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on 2 February 2017
Book review of – Colorful Notions The roadtrippers 1.0
Colorful Notions, one of the best book I read till date. The concept of the book is really innovative and unique. I didn’t expect this book to be this much amazing. The author has done a fantastic job while writing this book.
The book is about three friends Abhay, Unnati, and Shashank. Abhay the main protagonist of the novel, Sashank his best friend (a big foody) and Unnati Sashank’s girlfriend. Unnati has a beautiful voice and is madly in love with Shashank. So these three guys pack their bags and went on a road trip to have some adventures and Abhay also decided to make a movie out of their trip while Shashank’s main motive was to taste different cuisines. They went to different places and (25 in total) and experienced whole life in these 3 months. They get looted, they had a near death experience and they even fight but in the end, when they completed this journey they come out as a different person. This novel didn’t let me leave it for a second.
The writing style of the author is simple, easy to understand making you read it in one go. Cover, language, and narration are just perfect. This book is not all about traveling but also about friendship and trust.
I highly recommend this book to every person, especially to those who love to travel. This book will surely convince you to give up everything and go on an adventure trip with friends.
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on 5 December 2016
When a book allows you to extrapolate some old memories and it gives you some brand new ones on which to fantasize, it means that the reading has been a magnificent journey albeit under the warmth of the blankets. The writing is enveloping, deep and never banal. I think the key is this, as we get the different feelings that everyone can have during the same trip, as the author's impressions transmits with a flowing narrative not always found in other travel stories.
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on 14 January 2017
Colorful notions The Roadtrippers 1.0 is a story of three friends names Abhay, Shashank & Unnati. Abhay & Shashank are good friends since childhood and they decide to go on a road trip to mark their 25 years of togetherness. The road trip not only takes them on a ride of their own lives but on the way they learn lot of things to take home.

Abhay shares an unhealthy relationship with his separated parents whereas Shashank has an ambition to make something for his life. On the other hand, Shashank’s girlfriend Unnati has her own share of insecurities and fears regarding her relationship with him.
The story unfolds many colorful notions of life & relationships. The story reveals about complicated nature of human relationships; it also talks about one’s aspirations and dreams.

Generally, someone might assume that it’s a travelogue but the author has blended travelogues with story element. The novel fails to give you a visual treat of the places but the author has tried to weave some humor around the incidents happened at the particular places like Bhangarh Fort, Wagah Border, Corbett Park Etc.

The characters in the story are hilarious and unpredictable at times representing teenagers impeccably. They display varied emotions in each phase of life and relationships such as friendships & family ties.

The author’s attempt to blend travelogues and story element is appreciable. People who enjoy travelogues with human stories, they will enjoy reading Colorful Notions!
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on 25 December 2016
<i> Would you give up your high-paying job and comfortable life to drive ten thousand kilometers across India? Just for fun! </i>
The heart says YES, the mind says NO.
I like books about roadtrips and travelling, throw in a bunch of interesting characters and you've got a book I'll definitely enjoy. Colorful notions: The RoadTrippers 1.0 is a travelogue that takes us across twenty-five different places starting from New Delhi covering Manali, Jaipur,Goa, Kanyakumari and much more with our three-musketeers Ab(Abhay), Shasha (Shashank) and Unns (Unnati).
The book focuses more on the lives of of these characters and their relations with each other as well as their individual story rather than the places they visit.
The places are still described beautifully and road trip is the main theme along with the movie they are making, but it is more character-oriented.
There are laughs, fights and fair-share of drama (Because no good book is complete without at least some obstacles making it difficult for the characters to be happy).
I would say that these characters went for a life-changing trip and it literally was life changing for them.
The book had a steady-pace and was delight to read. Reading books like these makes me want to pack up my bags and go on a trip with my friends too. It gives you that taste of wanderlust which is pretty hard to resist.
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