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on 25 January 2017
Somehow I am not convinced with the book. Definitely not a perfect murder as the book says. Book is nice in bits and pieces. But I am not convinced with how the characters are developed in the book.
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on 4 September 2017
Blood in the Paradise is steady paced, and the author's efforts to do the ground work on the plot shows well. The characters are etched to perfection, and no one acts out of character which made the plot grounded. The part about Madhu and Vikas' marital troubles sticks to the reality of the life in an Indian society and is commendable.

Even though guessing the murderer was anyone's game, the writing kept me through the end. Except for the dialogues that kept interrupting the flow of the story and could have done very well without. Some things were bit of Bollywood-ey, while I agree that there is an audience who might like it, it just didn't appeal to me.

Blood in the Paradise could have used another round of editing to weed off those typos and errors and could have ended 15 pages earlier, with the right editing effort. The author has made it a point to talk about the real meaning of feminism and the impact of media and activists' intrusion into the legal system.
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on 6 November 2016
Please visit my blog, Errors And Kaushal, to read the complete review of the book.

Life is a roller coaster ride, that everyone has to take and cannot barter it with anything or anyone. Some in the quest to create that beautiful existence, put their struggle at the stake of others life too.

As you can already guess from the book's tagline that it is a thriller story revolving around a murder and is set in the metro city of Bangalore.

The story of Blood In The Paradise - A Tale Of An Impossible Murder starts with Madhumita making up her mind to commit a suicide and get rid of the problems in her life in an instant and liberate herself from the roller coaster of problems.

The efforts taken to create the settings in Blood In The Paradise - A Tale Of An Impossible Murder by the author should be appreciated. I would recommend it to anyone interested in reading fictional thrillers.
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on 11 January 2017
Blood in paradise. This book is as catchy as the title and it's one shot eye cover page. But this was not my cup of tea.

Sure, the mystery, suspense, thriller all was built amazingly but I prefer description over dialogues. It gave more a feeling of skit or drama than reading a novel. Though it was a fast paced, it did indulge the readers. I was hooked by reading first three or four chapter but as it continued it lost it's charm for me.
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on 19 November 2016
Something which shakes you and eventually takes you to darkness, must end a day! The book is not only a very interesting thriller, but also a break-free from the uncalled for torture that a husband does to his wife. The plan of the 'impossible murder' is executed so well that the killer, who really is innocent, bypasses the conviction and eventually, at the end of the book, is free! That's the best part of the book that truth and righteousness wins and bully loses!
Madhav Mahidhar's debut novel in English is really doing great service to all those who enjoy reading detective and thriller fiction! Enjoy this book guys; it's a worth read!
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on 7 December 2016
This review was first published on <a href="">Amita's Pen</a>

What I Liked About the Book
1. Last Chapter - I absolutely loved this one. Actually, the plot was very obvious and predictable. So, the last chapter makes it all worth reading the whole book.
2. It’s a Woman’s Story – I love any and all stories related to women and this one did not disappoint me.

What I Did Not Like About the Book
1. I know it’s not fair to include same point in likes and dislikes. But then, I so wish there were quite a few casual hints to the ultimate catch it in between the story - without making the reader think about it.
2. The author decided to pay attention to only the main plot and thus might have missed his chance to include some small yet interesting sections like the state of children - innocence, curiosity and the hidden fear.
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on 4 December 2016
The author has done a detailed research for writing this book. It gives you an insight of the present days scenario of a man and woman relationship, the problems of married life and its consequences.

The author has also, cleverly, tells the readers what ideal feminism should be; it’s not about hating men, but establishing feminine dexterity in every sphere of life.

Recommended for all who love thrillers/ mystery. Especially, the youths who want to read the novels with a lot of detective impetus and adventure will surely love the book!
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on 26 March 2017
Got the book in the Ashvamegh give away program. I like reading thriller fictions and this was one in that lot. The story of an impossible murder was so lucrative to read and it kept me enchanted till the expose was made. Great work by the author. At times, the book might sound tedious, but overall, this was a good read!
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on 26 December 2016
I love reading thrillers most of the times. This book came to me as a wonderful surprise. The cover was so attractive that I could not stop reading it. After reading a few chapters, I just wondered and began to swing between 'who if not she'. I read the book completely and found out that Blood in The Paradise is an awesome thriller! The murder becomes must in the book as a way of redemption..
Nice work by the author and I will tell anyone who loves mystery and thriller - guys, go for it!
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on 18 December 2016
In all honesty, when I received the book I felt I wouldn't be able to finish it in one sitting. I was proved wrong the minute I read the first chapter. This book really takes over you and makes you want to finish it in one go.
I adore the fact that the story takes place in a city I love. So, that was motivating enough for me to continue reading.
All in all, I really liked reading the book.
A must read for those whole like a little thrill! :)
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