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Study plan for NEET 2020

The analysis given in the article will help you in cracking the toughest and highly organised examination. Starting from format, objective and how to cover the entire syllabus, Arihant present the study plan to crack NEET 2018

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How to master MCQs

When all the choices in an MCQ exam look confusing, tricky and risky, how to proceed without wasting much time? MTG shares strategies how to solve MCQs effectively and fast

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NEET vs Boards

Arihant answers the very common question asked by the aspirants and their parents i.e., “whether the boards and NEET preparation can be done simultaneously"

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Tips & Tricks

"The flow of events on the exam morning is very important for success." Arihant talks about some basics do's & don'ts to boost your exam performance

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7 hacks to steal seat in NEET 2020

MTG has worked out to find the reason why students fail to score well in NEET exam and based on which have formulated essential tips to ensure NEET aspirants could score better

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Useful tips for NEET scoring

Wiley has charted down some list of useful tips that could help you score and get selected

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NEET Success Mantra

"NEET asks for application level questions but simple calculations." Disha presents simple tips on how to excel in NEET.

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Must do's before the D day

Having a few tips and tricks up your sleeves to help keep those concepts on your fingertips could do wonders days before the D-Day arrives. McGrawHill has some simple yet effective ways to ensure you give your best performance on the day that matters

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Toppers speak

How did the toppers crack the exam? What was their schedule like? Get to know all of that and more in the success stories of some toppers as shared in an interview scheduled by MTG

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