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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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Price:₹ 19,999.00
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on 18 January 2016
tl;dr Don't buy any OnePlus phone. Stick to well-established companies with great service centers and awesome reputation for customer service.

This is an excellent phone. As long as it doesn't get any issues. You can't imagine the horror you will have to face to try to get this phone fixed or repaired.
OnePlus is providing world-class phones at affordable prices. Absolutely true. But, this cheap prices has a lot of drawbacks. One of the major being the worst customer service and service centers of all the mobile phone companies.
They don't have their own service centers and outsource repair. And that is when your trouble starts.
Take my example:
I accidentally got my phone wet. It is not covered under warranty. I got to their authorized B2X service center (Marathahalli, Bangalore). They take my phone and never call me back about the status. I go there after many days and find that the motherboard for the phone needs to be replaced. Cost for replacing the motherboard? Rs.21,500. Read on to know why I mentioned the price here. Things will get interesting.
Anyways, I said I couldn't afford to repair a Rs. 25000 phone for Rs. 21,500 and asked them to return the examined phone. Guess what. They did return me a phone, but that was not mine. This phone had tampered glass screen. Mine didn't. This one has no dents on the sides, mine had dents on 3 corners. They gave me someone else's phone. (Maybe with someone else's ruined motherboard too? God knows.)
On creating a scene over this in front of other people waiting to get their phones checked, B2X representatives asked to me to come back next day to collect my ACTUAL phone. (I had no way of verifying whether the parts that they returned were actually my own. The IMEI number is just a number pasted on the inner back cover which can be easily replaced.)
Still hopeful, I took my phone to another authorized OnePlus service center, Regenersis (VV Puram, Bangalore). Now things get interesting. They find my phone seal broken and tell me my phone is no longer within warranty since the seal is broken. I try to make them understand that the seal was broken by one of their own "authorized service center". After much confusion, they accept my phone for checking and find the motherboard needs replacement. Remember the price quoted earlier? Rs 21,500. These people quote Rs. 18,000. Two authorized service centers. Same motherboard. Two different prices. (God know how much it should actually cost.)
What more? The second service center didn't even give me a separate bill. They stamped the bill from the first service center. (I am guessing the repair money won't reach OnePlus.) By this time, I was exhausted and all I wanted was to get my phone back. I cave to their demands and follow their instructions and pay Rs18k to get the damn phone fixed.
The irony about this is that many of the people buying this phone don't even have a OnePlus service center in their city/town. Imagine the trouble people from this places would face if they needed to get their phones checked.
But, this has been an important lesson. And I want you to save your money. It's not just the phone. Just like a car or a motorbike, your phone needs a good service center too. Don't run after fads such as "flagship killers". Go for well established companies like Samsung, Apple, Motorola, etc. And stay away from these new generation of phone startups as long as they don't start providing good, well-proven services in your area.
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Update 24-09-2015
-Updated camera samples-Had to compress it because of large file size-original images are even better
-------Got few invites to share,so [...] and comment down your email address.

Update 25-08-2015
-Bought this tempered glass for my OnePlus 2


UPDATE 22-08-2015
-Thanks for emailing me for for invites.I hope you all guys have purchased "one plus two" with whom i shared invites with.And i am sorry if i didn't email you back (Got like 2k+ emails a day requesting invites).In the coming weeks i am getting some invites to share.
Note:Please send only 1 email.don't spam my email please.

Now my review part:

OnePlus came out of nowhere into the limelight last year with its first smartphone.The OnePlus One was popularly called the flagship killer as it offered specifications seen in flagship smartphones of brands like Samsung and HTC and so... but was sold for half their price.
And now The hotly anticipated OnePlus 2 phone is finally here and it's priced at an incredibly competitive price.
Probably i won't waste your time ,lets head towards the review....

One of the first things I noted about the phone is its weight. The thing has some heft to it. It's not what I'd call 'heavy' but it does give the impression that there's some premium hardware packed inside.
The back sports the same rough textured plastic, which feels more like stone than the slick plastic of other phones. It means the OnePlus 2 is extremely grippy.
Loved the Alert Slider, which is a three-way slider button on the left edge.Its the first to be used in an Android phone.And the new addition of Fingerprint scanner which works pretty much as same as Apples and Samsung ones.

On paper, the OnePlus 2, like its predecessor, has a 1080p 5.5-inch display. But in actual usage the display on the OnePlus 2 is far superior.
ONE plus has upgraded it for being less reflective and less prone to fingerprint smudges. found the video playback on the OnePlus 2 to be every bit as pleasing to the eye as playback on more expensive phones.
The 401 pixel density is perfect for a 5.5incher and One plus has done a great job by not going pixel crazy(500+).It ensures less power consumption.
Its not 2K but the 1080p looks perfect.
The viewing angles are also extraordinary but still the colors look a little washed out (Though you can change that through software tweaking ).

Cameras are one of the most hotly contested aspects of phones
The highlight of the OnePlus 2 for me has to be its two cameras. The rear 13-megapixel camera with f/2.0 aperture and 1.3µm pixels do a great job.
It has 6 physical lenses, a dual LED flash,Object Image Stabilization, and laser focus.
But this time they switched to OmniVision sensor for extraordinary images ,in whatever be the situation.whether indoor or outdoor, during day or night the results will be superb.
Its hopefully not better than s6 but for the price its a better value for money for sure.
The camera app is the only thing which i don't like(u guys may).But as its software part , it shouldn't be a deal breaker.
Even the front-facing 5-megapixel camera is perfect one. Not only does it capture a wider angle than many other selfie cameras but even the quality of photos is much better than what I have seen in many other phones.

Software Experience.

Even though One plus says its Oxygen OS,its surely the same as stock android over which they have overlayed Oxygen UI.
As of i love stock experience,i truly loved the UI.Its fast,fluid and bloatware free.The thing which is newly added is The Shelf meant to be an all-purpose place where you can quickly access stuff you use all the time, like frequently used contact information, or frequently used apps.Most people would love it.
Also the individual app permission feature will be handy for all users.
#This time they have made it a dual sim device with two nano sim.

As it is equipped by the heavy CPU and GPU and LPDDR4 RAM i have no comments to make. Because you guys already know its gonna handle anything with ease , no matter whatever you through at it.
Most users are surely scared about "If it will get hot".Yes,it will surely get hot if you do some extensive gaming and all.Though it is tolerable.One normal usage it don't get heated up,but gets a lil warm.OnePlus 2 is using a revised version of the processor which solved all of the annoying stuffs in its previous version.

The 3,300mAh may look good papers but don't expect it to last more than a day.The heavy rig it has,demands more juice than most phone.
The On-screen time is not great as expected but not bad also.
The battery performance on 1+1 was surely better than this one(1+2).
The OnePlus 2 has a USB Type-C port and doesn't support QuickCharge. The battery takes nearly two-and-a-half hours to charge completely!

#Sound quality is one of the best in this range.You can tweak it to perform much better.

Finally the Bottom Line

Whether or not the OnePlus 2 is good enough to get current OnePlus One owners to trade up is a hard question. I suspect many of them will.
Despite the small quirks, the OnePlus 2 is in my books the best overall Android smartphone in India at the moment.The OnePlus 2 may be the only Android phone with a dedicated physical button on the side of the phone for silencing or otherwise controlling notifications.
This time also you are getting more than what you pay for.Though it gets a little hot.....its still manageable.And i don't consider it as am issue.


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on 22 August 2015
Lightning fingerprint recognition speed. I'm blown by this.

The camera performs better than any other device of this category.

Battery backup is great too. 38% after all day long medium usage and game play.
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on 6 January 2017
It's a good phone which never hangs. Ram 70% free always. Camera is super. Your friends will start showing their camera quality after they see yours but HA HA HA. Speaker is crystal clear and loud. Built quality is solid and back cover grip is excellent and looks different than any other phone. People don't really love all metal body that tends to slip easily.
Battery performance is also good and heat normally when you use it more than a hour which is again ok.
Con= No expandable memory slot and you got 54gb memory on board. You should purchase a external hard disk and format it into FAT format and a otg then you can easily backup your data. Pen drive are very slow so use a class 10 memory card.
My concern was camera and battery and I am happy with oneplus2.
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on 8 September 2015
Hey guys.. phone is superb.. As excepted.. But the major problem is drains continuously.. Camera and all are more than expected.. But battery.. I hope one plus fix this major problem in there next update..
review image review image review image review image
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on 19 August 2015
ordered on 17th Aug Monday, got it on 18th Aug Tuesday night before 8 PM as promised by Amazon... Hats off to the ATS team guys...they made delivery even in rain that too before the stipulated time... Coming to OP2... What to say for this beast... It was definitely worth the wait... Overall looks are really eye catchy and matched it with Bamboo swap cover made it look classic and deadly... Used my invite for something truly deserving :D Now waiting for the shareable ones to arrive to share love to my friends :)
Doesnt heat up or anything.. Camera is brilliant, though havent tried to grill it though till now... fingerprint scanner will take time a bit to get used to... very fast indeed and responsive... Camera Software needs refinement as it lacks manual controls.. maybe they might release it in further Oxygen updates... Lollipop 5.1 out of box... Overall I am 1000% satisfied with this mean machine :D :D

Update- The yesterday roll out of update from team OP2 has improved battery woes slightly. So you can expect an increase in battery life by about an hour easily. Looks like OnePlus team is definitely curious at improvement and improvisations seriously. Awaiting for camera's manual control updates. Hope to get that as well in next update roll out.

Update - The phone gets bit warm while playing games. I played Angry Birds 2, Dead trigger, NFS most wanted... So anyone complaining about heating issues, please do keep in mind that if you have packed a beast inside the body, the body will heat when the beast roars at full capacity. Body does get warm but not abnormally hot that you have to rush it inside a ice box or deep freezer.

Update 2-Sep'15- The yesterday's update roll out gave a minor fix to the camera. Previously the camera used to force quit on its own but now its not doing it again. OP2 team is real serious on rolling out updates to security and other important stuff.

UPDATE 24 Sep 15- The manual camera settings are finally rolled out. The settings work pretty amazing :) No doubt in that..
I accidentally dropped my OP2 on road that too flat face on screen (no tempered glass). My heart came into mouth and to my surprise the screen was entirely intact in ONE-PIECE ... My beast just suffered few minor scratches and it came out totally unscathed...My previous Mi3 couldn't take that amount of shock of the road and was shattered instantly even with tempered glass. The team of OnePlus have made this MEAN BEAST truly after feeding it with real tough things :D Job well done team :D
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on 29 August 2015
Simply the phone is a beast!! Been a week since I got this phone...The Op team handled the Oxygen OS very gently and the result of it can be known by this phones's usage...
'CONS' of this device are
1.less battery back up(I mean not less but for the given 3300 mah the stand by time is somewhat low {2nd update definitely improved the battery optimizations but I feel its not that great improvization} )
2.Single external speaker(Only if you want a loud one)
3.No NFC (It not at all bothers me)
4.No Quick Charging ( Feared about this before getting the device on hands but after the recent update the phone charges under 1hr 40min approx but it does takes its time to charge when we use it while charging . So keep the phone idle to get a decent fast charging)
The 'PROS' are
1.Definitely and confidently no overheating issues (But goes warm with a heavy usage like all the phones {So there is nothing to fear about the heating issues of 810} )
2.No lag even with tons of running applications (serious multitasking can be done efficiently)
3.Awesome Gaming!!! ( (Not only an awesome gameplay but also observed that browsing took more battery than the gaming {even the heavy games like asphalt 8 failed to take up the battery} ,seriously if you are a gamer the phone can live upto a max of 6-8 hrs and thats a bonus from the OP2) and no framedrops,overheating while playing )
3.OIS and the laser auto focus made it a super fast super good camera ;) (The controls are basic but the OP guaranteed for the full manual controls in the coming updates)
4.Dual sim (I love it with the dual standby optimization)
5.Super fast responsive fingerprint scanner ( Im using it all the time for unlocking { working very good but somehow while charging we have to put in some extra pressure to unlock the device using the fingerprint) and the helpful alertslider
These are the things that made me to be the most satisfied for this phone
1.Excellent Battery backup while serious gaming
2.1080p display with the changed contrast ratio to 1500:1 and 401ppi makes it look like a more QuadHD and the most surprising is viewing can be done very neatly even in the heavy sunlight (some phones cant even be seen outside though they have an amoled,fullled,oled,etc; screens
3.The front camera ( The OP team completely nailed it!! Looks very clear and then the most favourite part is night capturing....Yes,The front cam does not stop its limit only to a clear photo but also gives us very good low light capturings...I've wondered about this as this is the 1st phone I ever saw that a very good selfie can also be taken in the very dim lights.Thanks OP
4.And then finally, The maxx audio equipped in the phone...It was the best I've ever listened on headsets.Not even the Iphone cannot compete with the enchancements and the audio output through the earphones with this device
Thank you OP for making the device to be available at manufacturing rate :D
review image review image
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on 22 August 2015
nice phone, good camera quqlity, just ordered today
review image review image
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on 13 June 2016
This is a small, short and honest review.

We all know the good features about the phone (awesome processor, camera ...), so I won't be writting about those, but will just write about my experience with this phone.

I have been using the phone for the past 9 months. The experience has been quite awesome. I did purchase it on doubts reading all the negative reviews, but TRUST me with frequent updates the heating issue and all issues have been taken care of. I am now running android 6.0.1 in this beast of a phone. Also even after 9 months I dont find the phone to be laggy even a bit.
So go ahead and by this flagship beast.
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on 3 September 2015
after a lot of wait and huge amount of hype I managed to get an invite for this phone and have received the phone yesterday. So this review is after the 1 day of usage. Have paid extra 50 rs for a 2 day deliver and amazon did delivered it on time. So no complains on them.

Now coming back to the phone. Pro's
1) absolutely buttery smooth UI no lags and you can run any APP or Game with ease.
2) both the front and back camera is awesome and pictures quite sharp.
3) Battery holds for a day after a rigorous usage. Used it for the entire day after a full charge. (its the first day though)

Con's :
1) One of the biggest concerns is the phone heating up. I installed Brothers in Arms 3 and after playing the game for 1 minute you will not be able to hold the phone any more. The metal bezels conduct the heat more and your figers start to feel the burn. More sad part is that its the top end of the phone which get heated up. So if now a call comes at that moment when you were playing some heavy game. No one can save your ears than.
I Observed the phone heats on even playing youtube videos for sometime.

2) Display is just good enough. I couldn't see any WOW factor given that its 1080 full hd screen. the color reproduction is also a bit less if you have seen the samsun AMOLED flagships.

My biggest concern is the heating. I want to know from other OP2 users whether they have also observed the phone heating up on gaming or video playback. If not , I will try a exchange of my device or else am going for a return for sure.

EDIT1 : I went through all the reviews there in Amazon to wonder how come the overall reviews is good for the phone. I observed most of the reviews giving 5 stars are the ones looking for invites.When scrolled on for those which have "verified purchase" on the reviews I see most of them have a complains of heating and buggy software. The invite system has created much of a hype but the product is not that worth it. Oneplus One is definitely a success but I have doubts on this one. Not worth the wait

One more thing is the complains of heating is mostly coming for Indian Consumers while I don't see a mention of this in the international forums. Could be possible that entire consignment received by Amazon have issues and in that Oneplus and Amazon should take some measures for quality control.

overall I am terribly disappointed after following on this device and going through the pains of invite system.
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