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3.6 out of 5 stars456
3.6 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: WhiteChange
Price:₹ 7,999.00
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 20 May 2014
xolo ka koi mobile mat lena. kyuki iski service bahut.kharb. or quality bahut khrab he. or 15 din me mobile me problem ho jate he.xolocar me jayenge. to bahut dhake .khane padenge.or .seals accusative se bat karo galiya khani padengi.koi response nahi milega.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 15 June 2014
Hi All,

Delivery service is always best from Amazon

Performance of phone is too good for cost. But there is functionality issues in phone

Q1000 Opus OS do not support Kitkat version. If upgraded lot of malfunctions

Mic the worst quality. Went to service center more than 3 times within these 10 days

Suggesting to go towards Brand phone buy, instead of seeing cost. Walking to service center creates high frustration

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 8 October 2014
Within 4.5 months of buying this phone, the display stop working.
Gave it to the service center, and was shocked to find out that they take atleast 30 days to repair handsets.
After trying to call their toll free no. and sending 4 emails to their customer care and getting no replies. I went and voiced my grievance on their facebook page.
Received a replacement after 20 days. Was shocked to see that they had sent me a much older defective handset with the power key worn out and the speakerphone not functioning.
When dialling, my voice could not be heard at the other end.

Returned it to them and still waiting to hear about the fate of the handset.

I also discovered on their facebook page, that several others have suffered the same problem. They are using sub standard components and are unable to manage the after sales services.

I regret having bought this phone and would not recommend to any wellwisher.
Please see what others have to say on their facebook page
(search for XOLO on facebook)

Apparently more than 4 people on this page have commented about their display getting spoilt.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 8 June 2014
HI all, when i received the phone it was seal packed and after opening it i tried to charging the battery but not was connecting for charging. it means company has packed without quality checked. it means Xolo company giving the message to all always buy good brand product (lenovo,samsung,pansonic)and don't waste money in these type brand,Jinke pass product check karke rakhne ka time nahi hai bus adv. karva lo.but Amazone service iD
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 4 October 2014
I bought this XOLO Q1000 Opus phone from amazon. From day one it has given a problem of volume i.e. my voice doesn't reach clearly to other end. Power button was working intermittently. After one service it stopped working completely. I hope XOLO company will try to resolve this problem. After such experience I would not recommend this phone to anyone.
Note - I bought it in July 2014 and now its Oct' 2014 still the problem is not solved.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 30 June 2014
I bought this phone on 28 April 2014, upon the recommendation of a friend and after doing whatever research I could do.

Review in a nutshell: LOUSY instrument.

1. Within 2 days of beginning use, things went wrong. I took it to a nearby XOLO dealer who said the OS had to be reinstalled. The back-up of the contacts list failed to work and I lost all the contacts I had imported from my previous phone (a nice good old Nokia Asha!).

2. Within a couple of weeks after this, the phone developed problems:
(a) The blue tooth would not connect with my:
(i) MacBook Pro laptop
(ii) Bluetooth ear-piece
(b) The data cable connection did not work, so I could not transfer files between my MacBook Pro and the additional SD card I had installed in the phone.

3. I took it to the authorized service centre. "We have to reinstall the OS, sir." Okay. By this time, I had found a way of backing up the data on google. After the OS was reinstalled:
(a) The blue tooth connection problem persisted.
(b) The front camera (the one facing the user) just disappeared as an option from the camera.
(c) No matter which compass app I downloaded, it just would not work -- orientation error message of some kind.
(d) The GPS worked with Google map app but not with anything else (this is important because I need to use geographical apps for the geography education work I do with school kids; which is one of the reasons that I bought this phone anyway!)
(e) The data cable still did not communicate with the laptop.

4. On 27 June 2014, in the morning, when I tried to switch the phone on, it would not turn on. It had died! That is when I decided to take it to the Authorized Service Centre.

5. The service centre said the problems are too many and we have to send it back to the factory for repair or replacement. It will take 25 DAYS (as of 27 June 2014)!! They also said that the company will not refund the purchase amount; they will only repair or replace with another instrument. The Amazon return-by-date had expired. So, now I am stuck with getting a replacement instrument that I really have no interest in because I don't *at all* trust the quality of a XOLO phone.

6. has facilitated the sale of an utter dud of a telephone. This is a serious black mark on They are seeking to enter the Indian market in a big way and want clearance from the Government of India? My experience with this purchase leads me to *oppose* granting of clearance from the Gov. of India.

7. I am *deeply dissatisfied* with the quality of the phone I received and I am *very very disappointed* that would sell such a low-quality product.

8. My inconvenience from the date I switched over to this phone has to be somehow addressed and redressed by I expect to hear from them within 7 days from today (30 June 2014) after which I will decide my course of action, including complaining against both the manufacturer and to the Consumer Court.

9. I do NOT recommend XOLO to anyone. I have actively dissuaded several friends from buying this phone. This is a very very poor product.

10. I will also not purchase merchandise from in the future, if they do not respond to this review.

11. I am forced to give this item some star rating ... it deserves NONE. Since the site does not seem to allow me to not give a rating at all, I have to click one star.
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13 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on 12 May 2014
Sorry to say but this phone did not meet my expectations. No problems with Amazon's service but still the phone is so bad that it is not worth the money spent on it. Thought the Fit & Finish & Screen were good but the phone started giving problems from 2nd day onwards. Network issue, Earpiece not working & lastly Headset jack stopped working. Took it to XOLO service & they said they will change the PCB (Motherboard) & all other required things & will return the phone back after 25 days. WIthin 5 days of usage these things have happened to the the phone. I didn't expect this kind of Quality from Xolo but I have seen its reviews, which are not good. I would advise everyone not to go for this model of Xolo in particular. My wife has been using Q800 for 6 moths now & that is a very good phone whne compared to this or any other phone in that range.

Hats off to Amazon Service for going a step ahead & helping me get a refund for this worthless item. Thank you Amazon for your service.
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13 of 16 people found the following review helpful
TOP 50 REVIEWERon 15 February 2014
Q1000 Opus has a Broadcom quadcore cpu,not the mediatek one which you see in other xolo device. 1 GB ram is great for a device at this price range which ensures good multitasking and lag free user experience. It ships with Android 4.2 Jellybean on board. The processor is not that powerful when comparing to other xolo quadcore devices shipping with mediatek ones.

Display - 5 inches. The resolution is not that great, only FWVGA 480 x 854. ( 196 ppi ). The display doesn't look that bad though. Viewing angles are average. The built quality of the device is also average.

If you have seen official images of this device on Xolo website,there appears to be a compass photo in it. In reality this doesnt have a magnetometer,so no compass support. Accelerometer,Proximity and Light sensor are included.

This device has GLONASS in built,Global navigation satellite systems developed by Russia for better location tracking.

The 5MP Camera quality is average. The video can be recorded at 720P,but the quality is below average. The camera app has some bugs and often throws "Camera cannot be connected error". You need to restart in order to use the camera again.

1080p video playback is supported out of the box. USB on the go is also supported with which you can plugin your usb pendrives and play multimedia files.

Popular games like Temple Run,Subway surfers etc can be played without any issues. The battery is a 2000mAh one which can power it for 1 day of average use.

Apps can be moved/installed on to the sdcard.

I would very much suggest you to get other mediatek powered quadcore devices rather getting this,as they have overall better performance than this.

UPDATE : Xolo has released Android 4.4 Kitkat update for the device,making it a more value for money device.
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on 26 May 2015
Now, recently from the past 2 months i have been facing issues with 4 phones which I had brought for my company that is a q700i , q800 and 2phones Q3000 model.
Firstly Q700i,
In this phone the issue stands is that the phone is having a heating up problem . The charger also gets highly heated up. The speaker is having a distorted noise problem.

Secondly, Q3000,
In this model the charger stopped working in its 3rd month itself. When I have approached the service center they are worst bunch of service center people I have experienced in my life. They in no sense know the meaning of the term "Service". They have made me feel that customer is a slave if you have brought this company's products. I gave my q3000 model charger to the service center people they have given me a q1010i charger after 10days of my continues followup.When I denied to accept it they said to trust them and they will give me my model charger in more 10-15days. Now, they are saying that submit the q1010i charger also and they will give me a charger of q3000 after more 15days as they cannot get my original charger from the company and if I leave this charger also with them then only they will give me that charger after 15 days. They will talk to the customer in the most abusive manner a person can and have asked me to whatever I can.

In Q700i I have given the phone to them for the repairing of the problem but they have taken the phone and will be giving after repairing after 2months only. How can a person using a smartphone in the company work without the phone for 2months. The phone was given to the person for its functionalities of using Emails, Camera , Google Drive, Company ERP software, location TRacking, watsapp,etc. the company should be providing a standby handset if the services cannot be met within 2-3days maximum. Or a replacement should be provided in the case of the handset being a factory manufacturing defect. Xolo Q1000 opus bought by my friend is also of the same lineup.. Buy xolo prove urself a fool is their latest campaign.
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on 19 June 2014
Hey guys if you're looking for a good phone which will last for atleast 2 year than dont buy xolo product .I have purchased XOLO Q700 from local retailer phone wroked fine for 4 month after that it was giving touch problem and in next month my battery was swallowed in such manner that i thougt it will blast now but fortunately this was not happened i called the customer care and requested them to provide new battery they had told me to contact the service center which near by me so I had contacted them(31 Feb 2014 ) they had told me that you will get your new battery within a week but till now (19 June 2014) almost 4 month gone i didnt get my battery my phone was totally blind without battery from last 4 month i didnt touch my phone for around 4 month still waiting for battery.Now when i was calling the service center they are telling that there will be no chance for new battery to come i was disappointed . so guys if you really want to buy a good phone than dont go with XOLO I have never seen such useless product and company now i have decided that i will never even think to buy any new brand phone like XOLO etc.
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