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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

on 22 January 2017
‘Finding Juliet’ is a mushy love tale, which revolves around the two main characters- Arjun and Anjali. The title of the book is fine but the plot is jaded. The cover page is interesting but the punch line is a hoodwink. The initial part of the blurb is apt but the questions posed to ignite the spark of interest in the mind of the reader, are wayward. With proper typesetting and presentation, Srishti has yet again proved that it won’t compromise with the quality of the product (referring only to the physical quality).

The book comes with several errors, typos, and missing punctuation marks. The language, no doubt, is simple and blends with the spoken language of today’s youth who prefer calling people as ‘peeps’ and because as ‘coz’. The plot is fine (although it is nothing new but college/ teen romance with some clichéd elements like liquor, girls, coquette friend, sex (lots of it) and regret). This would rather be a glimpse of ‘Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya’ and Life of our very favourite ‘Barney Stinson’.

The plot reeks of desperation and the weak personality portrayed by the male lead is something I did not quite like. There are parts which could have been made better by changing and playing with the plot a little, but the original comes as a disappointment. The book will be a good treat for the romance lovers as it is a breezy read with sections of eroticism. For me, the major turn off was the lack of vocabulary and informal tone.

Another point that I would like to highlight is the abrupt ending of the book. The plot moves at a comfortable pace but suddenly the air sends across happy vibes and the story ends.

Overall, a good effort by the author and the book can definitely be picked for a quick read.
Best wishes!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 5 February 2017
Arjun is just as any other normal guy ogling at the features of pretty women and waiting for the one .
He falls in love, thrice, to be rejected every single time. Everytime he is thrown out of his palace of dreams, he falls into deep depression to be confronted by his best friend who bring him back to real life.
Life takes a serious turn when a calamity occurs with his stars and he loses a lot more than what he could afford. To not let his sorrows drown him, he leaves Hyderabad and takes a job in Bangalore.
He meets Krish, a guy full of life with his life full of girls. He teaches Arjun the matra of being irresistible and gives him a few valuable lessons on women psychology. Arjun's sex life reaches its peaks after that and finds his way with women.
But a hollow remains, will he ever find his one true love in the wave of no strings attached? Who will be her?
Reading Finding Juliet to know.
The book is a tale of broken hearts and romance, it surely provides a lesson to stand up after receiving a blow.
The plot is fast paced and the characters are well defined , the author has done the courtesy of not adding too many unnecessary characters, thereby avoiding any sort of confusion.
The book is well written using simple and graspable words, making it an easy read.
It was good to finally get a printed difference between a "Hii" and a "Hi', hope the readers notice it and put it into future use.
I recommend this book to every guy out there, buy this book, read this book and go get your girl.
This book surely has the key to a woman's heart and a perfect answer to the popular question 'What women actually want?'. I am still amazed that a male could figure out all those details about a female. I think I will be rushing to ask the author that how did he do it and I request him to write a book for the benefit of women as well or it would be unfair if men have all the advantage.
Cover- 3 stars
Title- 4 stars
Blurb- 3 stars
Plot-3.5 stars
Writing and Presentation- 4 stars
Overall rating- 3.5 out of 5 stars
Despite the fact that I really did enjoy reading the book, it did seem a bit unreal because noone goes from rags to riches in the terms of the opposite sex.
The book cover talks about a geek finding love though Arjun didn't seem anywhere near a geek, he was just a guy who was driven by emotions.
Favourite Lines from the book-
* The best stories are told in bars by broken hearts.
* One of the greatest differences between nice guys and flirts is the latter's ability to decrypt.
* Lust satisfies the needs of your bofy and ego, but it does nothing for your soul, because your soul is nourished by the pristine happiness that comes with pure love.
Reviewed By- Banaja Prakashini
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on 16 January 2017
Finding Juliet by Toffee is a romantic saga of a hopeless nerd Arjun, with philosophical elements in its core. Arjun believes in true love and he falls for three different girls, everytime failing to attain satisfaction/happiness. Anjali is Arjun's childhood friend and stands by Arjun in his journey.

The plot took a sweet turn when Arjun moved to Bangalore from Hyderabad and met Krish. Krish leads the storyline by embedding Arjun with myriad tactics of dealing with relationships and women. All these conversations deal with a slight of philosophical touch.

The book is contended with the elements of wit and desperation for love. The character of Krish is adorable. The bromance among Krish and Arjun is portrayed wonderfully.

The language used in simple and the narration is easy to follow. The choice of words is apt and the story line appeals a reader. The book is gripping in nature and the author's fresh writing style makes it worth giving a shot.

The title is catchy and related to the story and the animated cover is appealing. A reader should expect an entertaining and light romance fiction read of the novel "Finding Juliet".
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on 13 January 2017
After a long time, I have read a fiction novel from a relatively new Indian author which really enthralled me. The first half was emotional and poignant. The second half is where the story takes 360 degree turn and the fun begins. What happens next is every guy's wildest fantasy. Yes, it's a book guys will love as it is imbued with generous helpings of steamy sex and warm bromance.
The ending was really good and things fell into place perfectly. The style of narration is very attractive and the characters are well sketched. I think many guys in my generation will find something in common with the protagonist Arjun and would dream to turn into a stud like he had.
In the end, I have a naughty question for Toffee - Can you introduce me to Esha please? ROFLMAO!
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on 12 February 2017
The story is about our hero Arjun who is trying to find his Juliet. Finding Juliet has a loose plot with scattered ends here & there. The novel is a typical teenage drama where our main lead most of the times found is either hitched by girls or he is behind girls. He seems least interested in studies but somehow he manages to become a popular lyrist who also manages to sleep with a girl who took his interview. On the other hand, we have this poor lady called Anjali who always support Arjun in ‘No matter what’ situations as well & she keeps waiting for her just like Kajol from ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.’

From storyline I couldn’t figured out whether Arjun was cool dude, hunk, handsome or drop-dead gorgeous who managed to get so many girls around him. In his college years, when he failed to try his lady luck thrice, he turns to become a Casanova – all thanks to Krish who gives him lessons of becoming a flirt.
216 pages of book are wrapped around girls in his life displaying how these girls are extremely hungry for sex. At the end, he still manages to get his true love in the form of Anjali.

Isn’t it a typical Bollywood flick? I felt like ‘Love, Sex & Dhokha’ type. If this book is for teenagers then they might enjoy.
I would also like to point out that the kind of characters that have been portrayed in this novel isn’t good at all. I felt the author has put his own fantasy about all type of girls in one novel. The main lead has been shown having sex with girls from young, unmarried, experienced, inexperienced to married.

The story failed to impress. I would recommend to those who enjoy erotica.
 Finding Juliet
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on 4 January 2017
Finding Juliet was a perfect mixture of love, lust and emotions of wide variety. We've got pain, humor, betrayal, loneliness, happiness pretty much everything.
Our main protagonist Arjun is sort of a hopeless romantic who is waiting for the love of his life. Unfortunately he doesn't have a good luck when it comes to women. This whole is book is about the change Arjun undergoes trying to find his Juliet while she hides in plain sight. Some things I loved about this book:
(a) Arjun is a realistic and likeable character. A geek who is clueless about what women want. That's pretty much every guy out there.
(b) Krish's advice. Because reading that, even I was surprised how much of it made sense. And I'm a girl so I know what goes on in a girl's mind. I mean I could go all feminist and say not to stereotype but I took it in good humor and it was fun to read about.
(c) Character growth. From a geek to hunk, from a nice guy to flirt, from wanting love to confusing it with lust. There's a lot of change happening. And it was interesting to read about.
(d) The writing style. From the dialogues to the lyrics, I enjoyed all of it.
Maybe there is some insane pleasure in self-destruction and hitting rock bottom because once you reach there, you can only go up.

I can see your face,
But I can't see you anymore.
I can look into your eyes,
But I can't read them anymore.
You hold my hand,
But I don't feel the love anymore.
You touch my body,
but you don't touch my soul anymore.

Things I didn't like:
(a) The End. Too predictable. Also what about Rahul? I'm curious.
(b) Stereotypes and cheesy stuff.
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on 2 March 2017
Title & Cover:
Finding Juliet is indeed an attractive title which reminds me of Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare and Finding Juliet by Frank Sennett, but there is no direct correlation as such with this new book. This book was first published as a digital book on Juggernaut online application and later published by Srishti Publishers in paperback format. This is my fourth book review of the book published by Srishti Publishers. The beautiful cover of Finding Juliet is designed by Wasim Helal. A guy is portrayed in the witty pose. The book asks readers “Can a Geek ever find love?” This question can be considered as the subtitle of the novel.

Language & Writing Style:
Finding Juliet is scripted in a very lucid language and adds some new words in my vocabulary. The author narrates the story in a fast but flowing pace. Author’s wonderful sense of humour, witty and sarcastic dialogues along with beautiful lyrics at apt situation cherish reader’s reading experience. Flashback technique is used in a fantastic manner.

Arjun is a male protagonist of the novel Finding Juliet. He is the narrator of the story. Krish is protagonist too who is one of the best friends of Arjun. Finding Juliet is a well-characterized novel but readers might get confused to identify the main female protagonist from so many female characters like Shraddha, Neha, Saakshi, Ruchika, Esha, Aditi, Smita, Preeti and Anjali.

The plot of the novel ‘Finding Juliet’ is developed into two acts. The first act of the story runs in and around Begumpeth, Charminar and Dilsukhnagar in Hyderabad while the second act of the plot is played in Bangalore.

Plot and Story:
The story of Finding Juliet begins on a funny note. Arjun’s first few days of college and his experiences relate to us and remind the fun filled days of our college life. The book mocks at senior-junior rift, ragging and so many incidents in the beginning days of college. Arjun talks about a lifestyle of an engineering student. I laughed out loud while reading the narration about dirtiness and boy’s disorganized rooms. I liked the way how beautifully Arjun proposes to Neha; her reply to Arjun is just adorable. Communication between them is really touching. Unexpected bomb blast scene brings a major twist into the story and turns the plot from Hyderabad to Bangalore. Arjun mocks at hectic traffic in Bangalore. The novel shows a realistic picture of pool party cum rave party. I appreciate the author for adding this scene in such a manner that the scene doesn’t seem like forcefully added but shows the real (dark) picture of different parties and unknown truth happening inside such parties organized by the rich peoples. A first intimate scene is gracefully narrated by the author. It’s enough to turn you ‘on’ in comparison with the second intimate scene LoLJ!! The third intimate scene is really romantic. Arjun’s best friend Krish differentiates lust and love to the Arjun. I like the secret of happiness shared by Krish. Krish’s opinion on women’s psychology and relationship in conversation with Arjun makes sense and it’s really outstanding. The book tells us how to impress a girl and also talks about etiquettes while dating and living in a relationship. There are so many unexpected twists and turns in the story which gives an enthralling experience while reading. Arjun’s memories of his parents relate to ourselves. Everlasting bond of Anjali’s true friendship with Rahul and Arjun and her concern for her best friend Arjun really touches my heart. Aarti’s touching letter to Sanjay gives me goosebumps. I would like to quote Arjun’s words of wisdom- “Everybody makes mistakes. There’s no point in you killing yourself for something that happened a long time ago.”

Finding Quotes from the novel:
There are so many motivational quotations and one liners. I appreciate comments on women; but in my opinion author’s observation in which he mocks at women in a negative way is not appreciative unless he has done it purposefully to keep the intensity of the story, however such comments can be considered as okay to create and enjoy humour in the story. Few best quotes which I could recollect in a flash are:
1. “A woman is the embodiment of emotions and she feels most alive when emotions are supercharged in her brain. She loves experiencing these emotions, be it happiness, sadness, pain, pleasure, jealousy, or whatever. She feels almost dead when her life is devoid of these emotions.”
2. “The best stories are told in bars by broken hearts.”
3. “When people get something too easily, they don’t value it.”
4. “Problems in your life are like the weights in the gym. You can either get weighed down by them or turn them to your advantage and become stronger.”
5. “One should never really care what others think and should always do whatever one likes.”
6. “Just because a goalpost has a goalkeeper, it doesn’t mean you can’t score goals.”
7. “‘I am fine’ is the most popular lie ever told.”

Finding Drawbacks:
I appreciate the light weight of the novel but average page quality of the novel can’t be ignored. Italic font is used in a good way but it could have been better. I have purchased a brand new copy of the newly released novel, even then I have noticed some faded words in the book. Faded words in the newly launched books are quite unacceptable. I found a single typing error ‘Ireached’ on page no. 12 which should be corrected as ‘I reached’. Closing inverted comma (’) is missing into 31 paragraphs of Krish’s and Sanjay’s monologues in the chapter ‘The Void’ and (“‘) is misprinted instead of (“) in a sentence on page 196. I must say that though I have pointed out drawbacks, all these drawbacks are ignorable when we think of the superb story and plot of the novel.

Reviewer’s Opinion about Finding Juliet:
“Finding Juliet by Toffee is a novel which reminds our college life, fun and those memorable days. The novel talks about true friendship, true love, lust, betrayal, marriage, extramarital affairs and at the same time the novel tries to explain women’s psychology about friendship, love, lust, pleasure and different relationships in life. The novel shows various emotions into various circumstances in the individual’s life. Entertaining storyline, author Toffee’s touching lyrical style, philosophical quotes, motivational one-liners, nonstop humour and unexpected twists keep readers engaged until the climax of the Finding Juliet. Finally I would give my second highest rating ever 4.85 (which is approximately 5) on the scale of 5 stars to the Finding Juliet by Toffee because this one of the must read novels for everyone who loves to read romance.” - Rajesh D. Hajare RDH, Admin of BookLysis

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on 10 April 2017
Finding Juliet, as soon as you open the book, it says its dedicated to all the Romeos! At that very moment , the book gains the character of a rom com which would be light and entertaining, and it doesn’t disappoint a bit!
It is the story of a simple guy who could be like any of us, who has crushes throughout his life and like most of us ends up in one sided crushes, until one day when he meets Krish, who becomes his mentor, friend, loveguru and guide.
The story takes a turn when after a tragedy, Arjun, our main hero shifts from Hyderabad to Bangalore and then the twist makes him turn from a geek to a player in no time.
The story has ample humour, romance, erotica, an out and out entertainer! One will not get bored at all throughout the book, and will wonder whether if any of us could be so lucky as Arjun in real life romantically?
The characters of the story make you think about the possibility of such women being found in and around your own home, office or in your city! On reading you might feel the urge to create a tinder account and try it out atleast once.
The story has a predictable ending but though you may realise it half way through the book about how the book will end, you would still want to read it till the end to see how the story unfolds in the way it is predicted!
Overall a good read, a light and refreshing novel which would make you laugh, which would make you feel sad at times and which will make you turn on at times!
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on 30 January 2017
Obviously a love story, Finding Juliet starts off as a fun read. Arjun is our hero of the story and this book covers his trials in finding his ‘Juliet’ over the course of a few years.

Studying engineering and having a social life is, by personal experience, not possible. Those four years of engineering do give you lifelong friendship, though. Unfortunately, that is not the case with Arjun - through no fault of his. Arjun comes across as someone who has trouble in the departments of love and friendship. But he has had a lifelong friend in Anjali – a girl he knew from kindergarten.

When he loses his parents to a bomb blast and is inconsolable Anjali asks him to move to Bangalore. There he meets with Krish, a colleague. The story is primarily a before and after. Before Arjun met Krish and after.

Finding Juliet is a good book. It has romance, some erotic text, some philosophy etc. It could have done without a lot of womanising gyan though.

Finding Juliet is good for a one-time read, when to while away time.
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on 11 January 2017
Love is not just admiring whatever we see, it is beyond that. The protagonist Arjun realises this only at the end of the story and his struggles to find a girl of his choice forms the plot of the story. He moves and lives in relationship with number if girls with an imagination of loving them but it took him some time to understand that they were just passing clouds. His friend krish acts as his love guru to furnish his skills in loving and making others love. The language of the book is simple and his hunt for girls is a page turner. Eventually he got his Juliet .......go head with the book to find who is his Juliet and for whom he has undergone those troubles and misunderstandings.
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