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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
If Truth Be Told: A Monk's Memoir
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on 19 April 2017
Wow!!! What a man, what a story, simply amazing, although I had read many biographies and autobiographies, enjoyed all of them, but this one stand out in the way, that is difficult to express in words, you have to read it, to experience the sense of bliss that transfers to you.
As it happens while reading someone's Autobiography, we start assuming that he/she is Godman or some superhuman and feel that, reaching to those heights is like reaching to everest.
But when I read Om Swami's Autobiography, many aspects relates to my life, similar struggles in spiritual and materialistic world, same treatment in Ashram's, similar obstacles in Meditation and so on...he seems to be mirror image.
I think this is what makes "If truth be told" very special, he is one us, still stands out and ready to embrace everyone with open heart, please read it.
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on 10 July 2017
This book is about the life of Om Swami i.e. how Mr. Amit Sharma became Om Swami. I finished reading this book second time few days back. There is lot one can learn from this book. It makes me feel closer to life's truth. It teaches me the importance of inner joy and how it's different from worldly joys. It teaches me the value of patience and persistence. It reveals the extreme adversities in the path of realization but also gives good motivation of how one can tread this path and succeed in it. It details very interestingly about various stages of swamiji's life starting from his pre-birth, birth, childhood till his realization and a bit about post-realization life. Author has been quite open and revealed chapters of his life in a very interesting and straight forward manner. The revelations made in the chapter "The Realization" is stunning and beyond my imaginations. Its beyond my capacity to explain the experience of reading this chapter. Just read it with devotion and feet it.Thank you swamiji, I am not sure when will I become that pure to actually experience what you have but I will always be grateful to you for sharing it.
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on 10 February 2017
A fascinating and captivating journey of a young seeker who explores the material as well as the sublime. Exploring the worldly and then the inner world, going through the deceits of the ordinary as well as reaching the pinnacle of devotion, this is the path pursued by the Swami. The first part of the book deals with his younger days and struggle in establishing and successfully growing his software firm worldwide. The second half brings you face to face with the seeker who puts himself through a rigorous spiritual regimen in the snow clad Himalayas and is ultimately bestowed the highest human attainment. Swami's command over the language and choice of words is refreshing. An inspiring read.
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on 12 February 2017
Helped me a lot. Made me realise the value of effort and struggle in spiritual life. No mental gymnastics and lofty nondualistic nonsense here. Effort Effort and burning desire is what is needed for enlightenment. We are already free but struggle and effort is needed for us to wake up from this dualistic dream. No amount of theorising will wake us from the dream of maya. Meditation for long long hours is the only way and OM Swami showed me the value of direct struggle.
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on 14 August 2017
The author has had a very eventful life and went through the trials and tribulations by choice even after achieving material wealth. His dedication to finding truth and his final emancipation makes all his troubles look like they were worth it.

The book is written in a very intimate style where the author is almost going through his life as in an autobiography. Recommend this book to all spiritual seekers as there are many things to learn from.
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on 25 February 2017
Mesmerising i would rate it at par if not better than autobigraphy of yogi . Was glued to the book since the time i received it have felt so many emotions and visualised the scenes mentioned . Its just too good.
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on 23 October 2017
This is wonderful memoir of a yogi who renounced every wealth, comfort, name and fame to follow his heart.
I think young generation like this book more than the older generation.
If you are looking for spiritual guidance (like "Autobiography of a Yogi"), this book is not for you, though the book is memoir of a yogi.
When you start reading the book, you start feeling like you are watching a movie where protagonist always wins does not matter what the circumstances are :-)
I don't think you get anything take away from this book. Having said that I still recommend this book.
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on 16 August 2016
This is not just a book, it is an honest account of a seeker and his trials and tribulations on his spiritual odyssey. I have read this book 5 times and found that it is no less than an epic, be it Ramayana or Mahabharata. Each read brings me closer to the secrets of the Divine and its inherent message of how one individual in his or her own capacity is equipped to find the Ultimate that has eluded him or her for ages. I consider it as sacred as our holy texts such as Vedas or Puranas...All you to have to do is just grab a copy and consider it as your are bound to get all your answers in ONE SINGLE BOOK...Embark on your Spiritual Journey with this Sacred Manuscript to guide you at all junctures of life...
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on 19 July 2017
A honest account of his life by Om Swamiji. The respect springs on its own as you can see the truth reverberate in every single word. The book is divided into two halves, though there is no strict demarcation, the first half describes his stint in this material world where he tastes success in almost all of his endeavours and reaches the heights and the second tells about his spiritual pursuit where he achieves what he wants, the final enlightenment. While the goal was clear for him right from his early age, i.e., to have the darshan of God and to be One with him, he didn’t want to renounce the material world without exploring it. He tries his extent and reaches the pinnacle of success and having convinced about his achievements, he drops of everything to embrace the path of monkhood. His narration is outright simple with gems of wisdom scattered over. The hardships he faced in the solitude of Himalayas is wonderfully recounted to the minute detail, the physical discomforts, which generally most people avoid telling, he brings it up and tells how he overcomes it. Though he doesn’t elaborate much on meditation, he recounts his marathon meditation sessions in the Himalayas, I have a feeling that he has not disclosed his spiritual experiences but gives some as his insights. Nevertheless the book makes a fast reading and I recommend this book fully.
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on 8 May 2017
I must say, I am glad to read Om Swami's blogs. which led to me explore more about him and then found out that he has written many books. I started with his book on Kundalini, was impressed and in two days I downloaded 3 books, completed 2 and reading the thrid. Now about this biography, what to say, I saw myself in him, his quest, his detachment, though following materialistic pursuits, the undying fire to experience the truth that kept burning at the back of the mind....all seems so familiar and i am happy to know that Swami finally realized and experienced what he set out to know. This inspires me that I can also some day achieve my goal of experiencing the truth. Every chapter is well written, and takes us on the journey as swami narrates his own. We travel along with him. However, I found a few gaps, which i am putting here. He mentions about many sadhanas that he did before and after meeting his guru. How did he know how to do them is not mentioned anywhere. Also at his Guru's place, it is not mentioned what he did in terms if sadhana. Apart from helping to build schools and buildings did the Guru teach him anything? Was it just a miserable living there with no spiritual teaching imparted? Second, it is mentioned some one predicted that he will get married, that he will be head over heels with a girl. Did that prediction come true? Did Swami ever get married? And no mention about the Tantric Sadhana in Himalayas. Except for these kind of queries, the book is an excellent read.
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