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Amazon.com: 2.7 out of 5 stars 7 reviews
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3.0 out of 5 stars I'm not at all sure what I just watched! Frustrating is a key word to describe this movie! 11 November 2010
By Robert Bruce Scott - Published on Amazon.com
The title of my review says it all - I'm not certain what I just watched!!!!!

I give this movie 3 stars. Not because I liked it or because I disliked it or because I felt it was average. I give it this rating because to me 3 stars is the dividing point between a bad rating and a good rating. Due to my uncertainity as to what I just watched I am unable to determine if I liked this movie or disliked this movie.

This is not a horror movie. Yes it has a zombie or undead girl or re-animated dead body but there is no element of horror to this movie. (Although I could understand some people labeling this movie as creepy. Not creepy in a horror sense but in an 'icky' sense.) I do not consider this to be a 'coming of age' movie. If the movie had a message, I'm not at all certain what the message was.

Highlights: The acting of most of the cast was above average as was the dialogue, production and directing. Lowlights: the 'holes' or non-explanation of so much that happens in the movie. I want to say that this movie is a bit slow paced. However being as I'm uncertain what it was I watched, this may be an unfair statement. I don't mind a slow paced movie if I understand the point. Maybe I missed the point the movie was trying to make.

Besides being 'uncertain', how do I feel about the movie? I want to like the movie. Maybe if I understood the point of the movie or if the movie had some explanations for the holes in the plot (how the girl died, who tied her dead body up to a couple of trees after it re-animated, why she re-animated, etc. etc.) I would be able to say I liked the movie. As it is, all I can say is that I feel like I wasted my time watching this movie. I find it frustrating that I can't decide how I feel about this movie.

I don't know whether to recommend this movie or not. I can say don't watch this movie unless you have nothing else to watch and are curious about the movie. I can also agree with one of the other reviews - this is a movie you watch once, maybe twice at most and then never want to see again. That's because whether you decide this is a good movie or a bad movie, I think you will agree there is no 'enjoyment' factor to this movie. In fact, due to what I perceive as many non-explanations regarding the plot concurring with a total non-resolution to the movie's ending, I feel that the two main terms that describe how I feel after watching this movies are 'hollow' and 'frustrated'.
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars disappointed and confused 5 July 2011
By Stuff in that attic - Published on Amazon.com
I found out about this movie a few months ago while on one of my musical safari's i got a copy of its sound track and loved it but didn't get to see the movie until yesterday. I was extremely disappointed in the movie, not the quality of the acting or the cinematography but the plot of this movie seemed to go nowhere and there where just so many unexplained points that it just really just left one looking at the clock at the end and wondering what in the hell just happened to the last hour and a halfish of the night (don't remember exact run time). after this one might wonder why my review is still 3 stars well this is because of the a fore mentioned saving graces (i.e. acting and cinematography) along with my love of the soundtrack. All in all id say get the music and either skip the movie or watch it on netflix.
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2.0 out of 5 stars An Honest Take On Make-Out With Violence 5 December 2011
By Ethan Gorham - Published on Amazon.com
(Avoiding Spoilers) This is a movie that I've seen 3 times. Each time I've walked away with something different. Rather than try to sum up my reactions, I will merely use those reactions to describe how I feel now.

The first time I saw the movie was in July 2009 at a relatively private screening hosted by some of the Filmmakers themselves. I was exhausted by a month's worth of work and had very little rest that day, so when I watched the movie, I didn't really watch it. I nodded off, just stared into space, stuff of that nature. Not really discerning at all, I know. Which is probably why, after much peer pressure from the surrounding Art-House audience, I subsequently described the film as one of the most underrated I'd seen. I convinced myself that it was great to the point that I was literally dying to see it a second time.

Skip ahead to the film's Home Video release and my first-ever order off Amazon. I watched the film alone this time, without the Art-House audience and without the personal exhaustion. I was fully discerning this time around. My reaction, to say the least, was somewhat drastically different. It was now one of the most overrated and pretentious films I'd ever seen. Maybe a result of disappointment, but pretty much, I now hated the movie.

Skip ahead to yesterday. I still have the Blu Ray, so I decided to stick it in and give it another go, thinking I was maybe too harsh on the film given how much I loved it originally. My feelings have changed, but not so much to the point that I'd call the film anything good. With my best hopes at being as discerning as possible, here is why: Brave concept, but a failure at execution.

The film tries to mix a High School Romantic Comedy, like that of a John Hughes film, with that of a George Romero Zombie flick, and instead crashes under the weight of having two entirely separate movies in one, one of which is far more interesting than the other. The zombie romance is what this movie should've focused on and pretty much stayed on. This is its central problem, and I just thought I'd outline it outright, because most of the problems with the script stem from this.

The Zombie scenes, creepy and disturbing in their own right, are too drastically different from the Romantic Comedy. There is too much of a contrast, and as a result, the actions of many of the characters, particularly that of the Kid, are so radically implausible that much is rendered to the point of being unintentionally funny. Then, there's the many things characters do and say that are only there for the sake of the Script. Its schizophrenic and feels like there's too many fingers in the pie, in that the Directors and Writers didn't have anything set in stone and didn't have any strong sense of singular direction. Because of this, the last line of the movie pretty much plays like the movie has surrendered to its own stupidity and ineptitudes.

Speaking of ineptitude, the acting is of particular note. Granted, considering the film's budget, this is forgivable. Most of its okay, given what the actors are working with, but some of it sticks out like a sore thumb. On the other end of the spectrum, though, Shelley Marie Shartzer's Zombie, was played nicely. Creepy in pretty much every scene she's in.

The soundtrack is awesome, if you ask me. The brightest spot of the film. The track 'West Winds' in particular is one I've loved ever since I saw the film.

The Cinematography is something that shines at points and trudges at others. At no point is it bad, and at some points its pretty damn good, but a strong portion of it looks like something out of a soap opera. It looks too much like video, and on Blu Ray, much of the film's native 720p video sticks out on a 1080p TV. I mean, you can tell when they switched to cameras recording at 1080p and those recording at 720p.

As much as I've dogged onto the writing, I gotta admit, for certain individual scenes, its good. "Let's get awesome!" has made me chuckle each time I've watched the film.

Regarding the Special Features, 'The Formation of Limerent Pictures' is an intelligent and telling Making-Of Documentary on the film, and gives great insights. The Deleted Scenes, well, they were deleted for a reason, and are totally there for fans of the film, if not necessarily me.

Concluding, I don't hate the movie. I just don't like it. I admire the guts of its initial concept, but its execution could be described from mediocre to abysmal overall. As far as first films go, this isn't one of the must-sees, especially for repeated viewings.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Indie Film With A Zombie Element! 23 April 2015
By rsccfl - Published on Amazon.com
For those who thought this was gonna be another zombie gore flick its a big disappointment. However, if you're an Indie fan like myself its all you could ask for in a film. Its neither boring nor pointless,as other reviews state. This is a thinking person's film. It doesn't follow traditional zombie movie plots - and thank God someone finally stepped outside the box! If you're an Indie lover it'll surely please you.
3 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Best Halloween zombie flick ever! 25 October 2010
By Tyr Shadowblade (TM) - Published on Amazon.com
Wow, can't believe no-one else has reviewed this flick yet. Perhaps it is because the DVD was just released? I'd never even heard of this indie 2008 zombie movie until it appeared on the new release wall at Video One.

Cinematography, acting, editing and special effects are outstanding. Especially liked the uber-creepy way the zombie would stand up -- seems as if they needed a puppet with wires to get that effect.

NOT going to ruin this review with spoilers, but I think it is acceptable that there are so many unanswered questions. We never find out what happened to the girl to make her a zombie, or who tied her to the trees. In a lot of ways the plot is similar to Deadgirl, but without the heinous and reprehensible protagonists and the necro-rape.

Only reason MOWV did not get 5 stars is because of a few annoying plot holes and the fact that it is not a film I'd want to see more than two or maybe three times. I have very high standards for 5 stars and this one fell a bit short, but it remains an excellent film nonetheless.

Great party film, great to watch with a date. I hope they start circulating prints so we can see this on the big screen like the best Halloween movie ever, Murder Party.

4 well earned stars.