Are you looking for pet food for your little munchkin? Amazon India brings you the Pedigree store where you will find all kinds of dog food of premium quality.

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Pedigree will cost as less as Rs. 22/day
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Find Different Kinds of Pet Food at Amazon India

The Pedigree pet food store at Amazon India is sure to impress all dog lovers. From quality to variety, this online Pedigree store offers you all that and more. You will find different kinds of dog food here. The dry dog meals are available in varieties like chicken, vegetable, milk and rice. You will also find other varieties like gravy meal, dog treats and oral care. Gravy meals contain chicken and liver chunks along with other ingredients. Dog treats are a great way of rewarding your pet after their training sessions. So, buy different types of dog treats to pamper your dog. The oral care packs contain chewable sticks which ensure oral health and hygiene.

Choose the Best Dog Food for your Pet

Your dog smothers you with unconditional love. Regardless of how your day goes, your dog never forgets to cheer you up. Now, you can also make his days happier. Buy quality dog food from Amazon India’s online Pedigree store and watch how happily your furry friend finishes his or her meal. Here, at our online Pedigree store you can choose from different sections of dog food, depending on the age of your dog. For a healthy development, dogs need different kinds of nutrition at different stages of their lives. Puppies need more calories and proteins to grow into a healthy adult dog, while senior dogs need special ingredients to help their digestion. You will find dog food for pups, adult dogs and senior dogs in this store. Shop by food category or the life stage of your pet and pick up the right kind for your fur ball. Two meals per day will make your dog healthier and stronger.

Treat Your Dog Daily without Spending Much

When it comes to dog food, Pedigree is undoubtedly the winner. Avail the quality of Pedigree at affordable prices online at Amazon India. Pick up all the different kinds of dog meals and bring variety to his/her plate. also offers you discounts so that you buy your favourites at their best price.