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UB+ Eupho Portble Bluetooth Speaker with Expansion Casing Bundle - Warm Grey - Modular

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  • Extremely portable, smaller than a palm
  • Powered by patented orchas technology to give hi-fidelity audio with excellent clarity, with the ability to enhance audio quality further through the use of the expansion casing
  • Impressive battery life, with bluetooth playback lasting up to 20 hours
  • Award winning design that stands out from conventional speakers
  • Modular, allowing multiple speakers to be combined with other expansion casings, like ub+ eupho brave and ub+ eupho stereo, to form larger speakers

Product description

Ub+ eupho is a revolutionary bluetooth speaker that produces realistic sound with all the nuances and details, just as if a live performance is playing right in front of you. Weighing only 120 grams (4. 2 ounces) with a diameter of 53mm (2 inches) and height of 76mm (2. 9 inches), ub+ eupho's sleek, compact size makes it a highly portable device to bring wherever you go. The audio quality is not sacrificed despitepact size, thereby solving the age-old dilemma between heavy-body speakers with superior sound and small speakers emitting inferior tunes. This is achieved through the patented orchas technology, which allows ub+ eupho to have full-range point source sound and minimal external vibration, paving for highly efficient bass reproduction and the ability to have enhanced sound with personalised casings. As a modular speaker itself, ub+ eupho can be used not only on its own as a portable bluetooth speaker but be fitted into other different accessories such as ub+ eupho stereo and ub+ eupho brave. This transforms ub+ eupho into an entertainment speaker system for work desks and the likes of television consoles.

UB+ Eupho Portble Bluetooth Speaker Information

Technical Details
OS Linux
Item Weight454 g
Product Dimensions15.2 x 12.7 x 5.1 cm
Item model numberEU-WG-ENKJ
Connectivity technologies USB
Special features Extremely portable, smaller than a palm
Weight 455 Grams
Colour Grey
Additional Information
Date First Available23 June 2016
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Customer Reviews on UB+ Eupho Portble Bluetooth Speaker

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Amazon.com: 4.8 out of 5 stars 11 reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars but I really enjoy this speaker 21 January 2016
By Todd A. Sullivan - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
I haven't purchased or used any other bluetooth speakers, so I have no point of comparison for sound quality, but I really enjoy this speaker. It is about the same height as the phone, so small and easy to bring around the house, in the car, outside while we are playing with the kids, etc. Despite the size, the volume is significantly greater than the speaker on the phone and I do not notice any sound quality issues at higher volumes. I bought one for my son for his birthday and about two weeks later my wife told me she wanted one for Christmas.
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars For some reason some people think that someone like me rates products highly because I receive them 25 August 2015
By JC - Published on Amazon.com
I was sent two of these to review...don't get all tinfoil hat on me. For some reason some people think that someone like me rates products highly because I receive them. Well, I already have 15 speakers I don't need anymore. I'm not doing this for the product. I do this because I enjoy writing reviews. Strange eh? Whatever, let's proceed :)

As I was saying before that rant. . . I was given two of these speakers. Those two became buddies real quick, yes buddies. How do I know? BECAUSE IT SAYS IT. In fact these buddies team up to deliver you, the listener, stereo sound. How could you dislike a pair of patrons dedicated to serving you?

Here's a few things that could make them better:

1) More color options. The black/orange is a tad Halloweenish. That is the version that I reviewed. I'd like to see a black/blue and a black/red.

2) Nicer Expansion Casing - There is no denying that the casing is immensely beneficial, however it's little more than a plastic tube. Dressing it up a bit wouldn't hurt.

Here's what I like:

Aux input option - Makes it easier to play multiple devices (think parties)

Buddy function - Out of 20+ speakers this is the first which has this option. I love this option and wish all speakers had this. If you didn't catch it earlier, two of these speakers can be played together.

Sound - Crisp clear and loud when you want it.

Battery life - So far so good.

Box - Opens very uniquely. Like a flower.

All of the above sums up to a 4 star product. At under $50 one speaker delivers good true sound and two delivers a truly immersive experience. I'd like to see a discount on purchasing a pair of speakers.

If you're new to Bluetooth speakers:

1) You can pair to any bluetooth enabled device such as a phone or a tablet.
2) This one has the option to plug in directly (for non BT devices or if you simply prefer cables).
3) The range on these are pretty good. I walked in and out of my room with no signal cutoff.

I will be sure to update if anything changes but please feel free to ask questions below.
Thank you for reading!
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Mini Bluetooth Powerhouse 18 September 2015
By Professor H - Published on Amazon.com
This mighty mite is the bluetooth powerhouse in light warm grey.
They are very very loud for the size, and the quality of the sound that comes from a speaker this small is nothing short of amazing. I was able to test its stereo capabilities, and it worked flawlessly. For stereo sound you need two of the UB+ speakers.
Each of the speakers have very good volume for being so small. Rechargeable with micro usb cable that is included.
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great On Its Own; Phenomenal in Pairs 6 October 2015
By Matt Morgan - Published on Amazon.com
I will start by stating that the vendor sent two speakers to me, one white and one black. As such, I have a set of them and will be reviewing them both as a set.

A Bluetooth speaker is a good accessory to have if you enjoy listening to music on your phone or from your tablet. It allows you to share your music with others and sometimes the speaker can sound better than good set of headphones. I have worked with a lot of excellent speakers and I am a little slow to rave about a speaker, but these speakers are different. While the sound profile is very good and they put out a lot of sound, that is not what makes these speakers special. Rather, these speakers can be chained together and share the sound - even playing it in stereo. What's more, the chaining does not require the two speakers to be the same.

To look at these are not especially remarkable speakers. The speakers themselves stand less than 3” tall and are plain-looking cylinders, with few markings on the sides. There's an interesting mesh pattern on the top where the buttons are, but otherwise they are plain and uninteresting. That said, their looks hide their real assets.

Included with each speaker is a cup-like attachment and a small sleeve used to attach the cup to the speaker. Once assembled these look more interesting as the speaker sits in the cup and the cup is clear. It was not really clear what this cup did before I powered on one of the speakers.

When up and running these are actually nice speakers that have very good sound. I connected to my tablet and streamed some music to one of them and I was pleased with the sound profile, especially when the cup is attached to the bottom of the speaker. The bass is very good and not overpowering. The midrange is also very good and the music has the right depth as a result. The highs are clear and bright and it is easy to hear detail in the music.

Where these speakers get most interesting, though, is when they are directly connected to another speaker. There are two ports on the back, one labeled Analog In and the other labeled BuddyStereo. Using the buddy stereo, I plugged in another speaker and without even powering it on I suddenly has stereo music - no fussing and no fiddling with configurations. It just worked. And, it was true stereo too, with the two speakers playing different sounds.

I have seen some strange speakers and I have seen some really good ones. These are really different, in good ways. This is the first speaker pair I have used that has worked as well as it does and splits the music between the two channels properly simply by adding another speaker to the configuration. These are a little on the pricey side but they are worth their asking price.

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product in exchange for a fair, honest and thorough review. Even though I received this product at no cost I have rated and reviewed this product without bias, based solely on my experience with it.
5.0 out of 5 stars UB+ Eupho Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Expansion Casing enhances bass - 3.5mm AUX input - Ability to pair to other UB+ speakers 23 November 2015
By RatherLiveInKeyWest - Published on Amazon.com
We received two of these speakers several months ago and have been playing with them since then, really getting into their ups and downs. Why two? Because you can pair them via a specially designed, supplied, 3.5mm "Buddy Stereo" cable, and it is in the pairing that the sound really shines.

The second speaker may be found here UB+ Eupho - Black - Modular

Why did it take a couple months to review the speaker? I started off testing it by just playing one and found that it has very nice mids & trebles, with OK bass. Installing the "expansion casing" to the unit's bottom brought about significant improvement to the bass production, so I decided to hook up speaker #2. In doing so, you connect the two speakers using a 3.5mm cable and the Buddy Stereo ports on both speakers... and when I did this, I was underwhelmed. So, I put these aside and forgot about them.

Last week I ran across the speakers in my desk drawer and decided to play with them again and do a little research, resulting in a huge AH HA! The 3.5mm cable that comes with the speaker is "special", it is not a standard AUX cable, and I had not realized this. My first attempt used one of the many standard 3.5mm AUX cables that we have laying around, and the underwhelming, crackling, low fidelity results was directly due to using the wrong cable.

Once I installed the expansion bases on both speakers, placed them both on the very solid foundation of my hardwood desk, connected the first speaker to my HTC Droid DNA and its Beats Audio program, fired up my equalizer application, and then connected the second speaker to the first using the PROPER cable...

... all was right with the UB+ Eupho world...

Once connected, the second speaker becomes a slave to the first one (the first one being the speaker connected to my phone via Bluetooth).

Once connected, with the speaker's volume turned up, the phone's volume cranked, and the equalizer set to totally support each type of music we listened too, these little speakers flat out rocked our home office. Excellent highs, strong mids and good bass (still not a pounding bass, but it comes through quite nicely when pushed with the equalizer).

The three-ring 3.5mm cable is thicker than the standard AUX cable, and it is 40 inches long... allowing the speakers to be set over three feet apart -- very good stereo separation came through with them sitting that way.

Yup... I like this rig. Our teenage son likes the setup. Everybody that has heard the tunes from these two speakers has been amazed at their output. While I have been unable to find wattage specifications, it seem to me that each speaker drives about 3W (comparing the volume to other speakers we have), providing a combined total of 6W output. That's just my guess, so if I am off then all I can say is that they have comparable output to other speakers we have in that range.

Syncing was easy. Using the Buddy Stereo connection was outstanding, when the proper cable was used. We also received a splitter made specifically for this Buddy Stereo cable that would allow four speakers to be synced... and I bet that would be an amazing production.

Each speaker does have a standard AUX prt too, which would allow you to hook it up to your non-Bluetooth music source too, if you desired.

If you are looking for a portable Bluetooth / AUX driven speaker of this style, size, capability and price, for use similar to what I have described above, then we recommend this UB+ Eupho Speaker based on our experience with it. It seems well designed, looks quite nice, and has worked very well once we figured out what we were doing incorrectly.


Go for it.

We received this item gratis from the manufacturer or seller, without obligation, and decided to objectively test and review it. My statements in this Amazon listing review reflect that testing experience. Amazon's new review system does not allow us to remove the "Verified Purchase" indicator from the review reference; we would if we could, given the gratis nature of this transaction.

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