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OtterBox Armor Series Waterproof Case for iPhone 4/4S - Retail Packaging - Blue Grey

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Product description

OtterBox Armor Series Waterproof Case for iPhone 4/4S -Black/green

Product information

Technical Details
Item Weight50 g
Product Dimensions29.2 x 14.7 x 2.8 cm
Item model number40475BBR
Weight 50 Grams
Additional Information
Best Sellers Rank #7,97,638 in Electronics (See top 100)
Date First Available3 March 2016

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4.0 out of 5 stars Phenomenal protection, but at a cost 5 March 2013
By ☕️ Tea - Published on Amazon.com
I've had this OtterBox Armor Case for my iPhone 4s since the day it was launched. Being eager to get it, I pre-ordered one through OtterBox themselves, then paid extra for expedited shipping. I will soon be going somewhere with sun, sand and water, and I want to protect my phone from an accident during my travels, since I'm by no means easy on my cell phones. For years prior to owning my iPhone, I owned a Casio Gzone Brigade, a huge brick of a phone that can work even fully submerged in water. I worked that phone to death, and then passed it along to my daughter who's still using it to this day. So when I heard about the Armor Series being launched by OtterBox, I knew I wanted one.

Prior to this case, I used an OtterBox Defender case. It was a great case, with the biggest issue being the complicated process of getting my phone in or out of it. Other than that, it always worked like a champ. It wasn't waterproof, but it did help with accidental drops on the ground and a few close calls with some water. So when I heard this case was waterproof, I had to put it to the test.

Unlike the multi-step process of getting my phone into the Defender case, the Armor case is just two pieces, the front and back. Two huge metal hinges on one side unclasp and it opens. You set your iPhone inside and then put the top piece and bottom piece together and re-clasp the two hinges. These hinges are not for the faint of heart. They are STRONG and can be tough to open or close. Once the hinges are locked, that's it, you're done. The touch screen on the front works perfectly. No problems there. Pressing some of the buttons on the other hand can be very difficult. The volume buttons take a serious push to get them going. The main home button is fine, but most of the others require putting a bit of muscle into it to get them to work.

The camera still takes great photos and you can access all of your plugs (earphone jack and charging port) by lifting up the water tight port covers. Where the problem lies is in the volume. Because it's waterproof, there is a thin water tight plastic over the ear piece. When my phone is on max call volume, I can just barely hear people enough to have a conversation. I always use my iPhone speakerphone, but now the sound from that is also dramatically decreased. When my speakerphone is on and at full volume, it sounds like what my phone usually does at max call volume, not speakerphone volume. I literally need my phone at my ear to hear a call on speakerphone. This also means my phone's ring tones are drastically lower in volume too. I can't hear my phone ringing if I'm just in the next room. It needs to be with me for me to hear it. Thankfully, people I'm talking to on the phone are able to still hear me clearly.

However, what this phone case causes you to give up in audio volume, it makes up in ruggedness. There really is no case out there like this one. Holding it, it feels like a solid piece of metal with some rubber texture. The only weak part of this case at all is the thin screen protector, which has to remain that way so the touch screen features will still function. When I drop my phone now, instead of fumbling around trying to catch it, I move my toes out of the way quickly so it doesn't feel like I dropped a hammer on them. It takes your delicate phone and turns it into a tank. Other than the screen, you could take a hammer to this thing and it would survive. In my included video, you can see I put it to what I call a mess test. In the clip, the case survives being drenched in all kinds of food toppings and then a warm bath to clean it off. Other than my phone case smelling like ketchup for a few hours, it was like nothing had happened to it. The claim of being waterproof is 100% true.

The Armor case is a bit larger than the defender in height, width and length. It's also quite a bit heaver. But I have no problem keeping it in my sweatshirt pocket and with the right jeans, my back pocket. I have really small/short hands (extra small in women's gloves) but I can still hold onto my phone when it's in this case without any problem.

So I would say depending on how you feel about these pros and cons, will depend on how well you like this case:

~ Pros ~
Can take falls to the ground
Built like a tank
Simple put on and take off system
Touch screen, camera and home button all still work perfectly

~ Cons ~
Volume buttons very hard to push
Call volume, speaker phone volume and ringer all blocked some by the water protecting plastic
Large and heavy (may or may not fit inside your pockets)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Honest Review from a Normal Person 3 January 2014
By Frank Castle - Published on Amazon.com
OK, so i wanted to get this case for my 4s for the longest time. After all the negativity on here i decided against it. then i regretted that, bought it in a local store for full retail and wish i had NOT listened to the people on here. I upgraded from a Defender series case. i have NEVER used my phone without an otterbox... EVER.

Here's some facts from a normal person. I use my phone as a (shocker) PHONE. I also use it for mapping, weather, Facebook, and gaming. Occasionally i will watch a youtube video on it, sometimes i will use it to show someone an awesome song. I have done all of these things since i got this case and here are the facts:

Calls - I have made and received calls using just the handset and people i spoke with had no clue i had a case on my phone. I was able to hear the conversation with no problem whatsoever.

Gaming - I have had no loss of functionality anywhere on the screen. Anywhere i touch for my game reacts the same as if the case wasn't there

Music/Videos - Is there some sound loss? yes. Is it "omfg horrible!" no. If you are using your phone as a portal music device with no external speakers, i submit there is something wrong with you to begin with. But lets not go there. If you are using your phone for the occasional youtube video now and again or listening to a song to show a friend then listen up. 1) pop the plug cover off the bottom, the sound returns to normal. don't complain "then its not waterproof anymore" why are you listening to music in wet conditions anyway? WHY?! If you are a sane person, go indoors, pop the cover open and you have full sound again. However even with the cover on, i was able to hear my wife watching a video i showed her on facebook, from 3 ROOMS AWAY (vol max) So showing someone a nifty new song or video, and you require super max volume, then yes pop the cover on the bottom. otherwise the sound volume will be reduced by about 30%.

Ringtone, while in an area with loud ambiance (like in the cab of a tractor trailer, traveling down the highway) you are going to miss calls... UNLESS you also have vibrate on then you will be fine. Truth be told i couldn't hear the damn thing even before this case. However if you spend most of your time at home or in quieter situations like the office or what have you. you wont noticed a problem at all. Furthermore i submit some of these reviewers require a dictionary, as the sound "quality" is NOT reduced. the sound "volume" is. so your music and videos sound just fine only slightly quieter.

-Dust Proof? YES this was tested to the extreme recently when several pounds of cement dust poured onto my pant leg and subsequently my phone. the case kept it all out, and was easy to clean

-Water Proof? i have not thrown my phone into a bucket of water or went surfing with it (seriously, scroll through the reviews, some dingbat went surfing with their phone); However i am 100% confident that in a rainstorm if i had to make a call with it, or if i was splashed with water in the pocket i carry it in, i wouldn't worry.

-Crush Proof? I have leaned on it, laid on it, and various forms of putting pressure on it while at work (my job can be rough some days) and at 350lbs, i can assure you this case did not give. would i run it over with my car? why on earth would i do that?

-Drop proof? my defender survived multiple bounces (in one drop) and falls from up to 8 feet; i feel confident this will too.

-Normal Everyday use (by which i mean, you use it normally) while protecting against a beating of external forces, absolutely.

-Easy to remove. In the event you wanted to use a dock, or other phone accessory temporarily (ie: the iphone mount for nerf guns; or a docking station for a party) the phone can be removed by unclasping the 2 clasps that are there, and removing the back. its just that simple.

-Sound Volume? It is reduced by roughly 25-30% Why? because to be water/dust proof the phone must be completely 100% encased. Between thin layers of plastic and thick outer layers to defend against shocks, drops, spills, and thrills, this phone is 100% protected from anything but bullets and explosions.

-Buttons. Home button is no issue. Volume + - take a little more pressure to activate; and admittedly the Silent Mode switch on the side is "troublesome" or more accurately takes a little effort to work. But to me that's a small price to pay for a water/dust proof phone.

-Carry. While the defender comes with a nice belt case, this one requires an additional $20 purchase to get a belt case for it. Out of the box it is strictly a case. However in recent months i have been carrying my phone in a pocket anyway, so this transition was flawless when i got this one. It fits in a standard (t-shirt) pocket, Pants pocket, or even an AR mag pouch (my tactical pants have magazine pockets in them) snugly and securely.

So all in all this is a case that every iPhone 4/4s or 5/5s (different case) should be in. While there is a couple cons, the average person will have no issue at all with a case like this. if you are using your phone as a radio all the time, then get an external speaker or headphones if its that big of a deal to you.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Built to Protect 11 April 2014
By Jeana Anderson - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
The reason I bought this case is for outdoor activities, like biking, kayaking, hiking and rock climbing. Personally, I wouldn't use this case for everyday activities since I am not a very clumsy person.

Pros: The speakers sound just as loud as without the case
It is a tough case, if you drop it, jump out of the way so it doesn't crush your toes.
I did a water test without my phone in it, but it came out with no water inside(just make sure the rubber gaskets are cleaned and sealed before taking it into the water)
It is very easy to change your phone from case to case if you want to
Touch screen is almost as responsive as before, and the screen protector has no bubbles
Cameras and flash work perfect.
Buttons and Ports line up perfect, and the home button is easy to push

Cons: Other buttons beside the home button are harder to push, though I have no problem with it
It is a LOT heavier with the case on the phone, although it serves its purpose well.
You can only use the Apple charging cord with it
2.0 out of 5 stars READ THIS FIRST!! 5 April 2014
By bbo44 - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
I bought this case to use while fishing and and at the beach. I was looking for something cheaper than lifeproof and this was only $26 with amazon's frustration free packaging so i went with it. There is 1 of 2 stars.

The first thing i did was test to make sure it ACTUALLY was water proof. Submerged it in water and, well, sure enough it was waterproof. There is the other star.

I decided to take the risk and put my iphone inside of the case and do a minor drop test. minor as in no more than 2.5ft from the ground. On the very FIRST drop, not only did the impact cause my phone to completely shut off and restart, but to my surprise when i opened the case...MY PHONE SCREEN WAS CRACKED!! 15ft drop proof like advertised?? are you kidding me? So now i have to pay upwards of $80 to have my phone screen replaced AGAIN..

This case IS built like a brick. It MAY work for you as long as your phone doesn't awkwardly hit the ground like mine. It is however waterproof which is nice. It is wayyyyy to big for me however and makes it inconvenient. It is also VERY heavy. Literally pulls my gym shorts down when its in my pocket...

Water Proof
Water-tight latches

Very heavy
not an advertised 15ft drop-proof
Awkward to hold in one hand
good luck trying to listen to your phone using Beats because headphone jack is too deep in the case.

I would generally stay away from this case.. it might work for you but it does not for me. Time to write some angry letters to otterbox and amazon (:
5.0 out of 5 stars Big but worth it 9 December 2015
By Zach - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
The bad
The case is massive, when you remove your iPhone of any reason it will feel like a baby bird that you want to coddle with both hands. The case greatly muffles the ear speaker and mic, making talking difficult at times, which is problematic for a phone. Dust can collect in the camera spaces which reduces your picture quality.

The good
I have kept my phone in this case for a year and a half now. I wanted a strong sturdy case that would keep my phone from destruction. This case has done just that. I have dropped this case countless times and it just keeps getting right back up. I have run in the rain with this and not worried about my phones demise. Its simple to get off and on as it only has two pieces held together by some army strength clasp. Touch screen works fine in the case. While it is bulky you can get used to it quickly. Using a head set you can get past the sound muffling. I tested the waterproof-ness of this case when I got it. (without the phone) I submerged the case underwater with toilet paper stuck in it. After an hour the toilet paper was still bone dry.

If you want to make the accommodations for the limits of this case I don't think you'll find a safer case.

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