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LG Electronics G Watch - Retail Packaging - Black

by LG

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Product Description

LG G Smart Watch for select Android devices. Bluetooth 4.0 technology lets you easily sync with your compatible Android device to this LG G Watch, so you can receive and view important mobile notifications on the 2.2 Inch touch-screen LCD.

Product Information

Technical Details
Item Weight181 g
Product Dimensions4.6 x 3.8 x 1 cm
Batteries:1 Lithium ion batteries required.
Item model numberLG-W100
Weight 180 Grams
Additional Information
Best Sellers Rank #5,11,058 in Electronics (See top 100)
Date First Available23 July 2015

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Amazon.com: 4.2 out of 5 stars 744 reviews
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Smartphone Companion 25 November 2015
By Larkhall - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
I've put off purchasing a Smart Watch for one specific reason: Price.
I wouldn't even consider buying one and thought carrying around my smartphone was enough, and a watch would be unecessary.

Well, the price has dropped significantly a year later to under $100, so I decided to check out the LG G Watch. And I Love it.

When looking at styles of smartwatches, the decision is either round or rectangular. I'm not particularly drawn to either one. It's purely based on preference. I liked the LG G and it's 1.65” screen since this is so much more than a watch and I like the mini-phone rectangular shape. It can do way more than I'll need. Will I use the camera function to control my phone camera? Don't know but it's a cool feature. You can control the front and rear cameras, flash, and self-timer. You will see what your phone sees on the watch screen, and with two taps you can snap a photo.

Getting started – choosing a watch face is as easy as pressing and holding the screen for several seconds. A bunch of watch faces scroll by and you pick one. There are tons more faces to choose from various apps, but be aware some faces can be battery hogs.

The face could be a little smaller – or the screen slightly larger – as there is a bit of unused space with the bezel. The size fits my slim wrist nicely. I don't like thick bulky watches and this is pretty slim. The watch is extremely comfortable to wear.

OK Google! If you're familiar with “OK Google” you will be using the voice command to speak to the G watch and tell it one of the many things you want it to do.

Navigate to a destination, record a reminder, See your Agenda (Calendar), email, text, take notes, show you how many steps you've taken (with adjustable goals), play music on your phone, set an alarm – this watch does so much, and does it very well.

I am using the Wear Mini Launcher for quick swiping to go to apps. Once swipe from left to right opens your app drawer. An additional swipe will bring you to another page of quick launchers for brightness, ring your phone, music, etc. See photo above. It displays your watch battery percentage as well as your phone battery percentage. Why would this be useful? I find myself not looking at my phone, so it's a quick reminder if the phone needs to be put on a charge. There is also a quick launcher right on your home screen which brings up a page of color icons (see photo) like “contact phone” if misplaced.

Misplaced. This is one of the best things about having a smart watch. Unlike forgetting where I put my phone (Yup, memory problems), the watch is always attached comfortably to your wrist. I have a habit of leaving my phone on mute and miss calls. With the watch, I'll be notified of that incoming call. While you cannot use the watch as a phone, you take the call, and speak on your phone.

Texting – no more missed texts. They pop up on the watch and I can reply via voice to the text right on the G Watch. Or just say:

“OK Google”
Say Send Text
Say recipient's name
Speak the message.

It will automatically send the message, so speak carefully.

The only issue I have with speaking to a watch is turning my arm towards me and the screen wakes up very quickly. I am an extreme case dealing with pain, so just doing this and holding it in that position hurts my arm and elbow. However, I don't think this would be an issue for most people. Additionally, I have found a way to relieve the pain without needing to hold my arm up. With my arm in a resting position, I Tap the screen once, Once awoken, I can give the “OK Google” command which it hears without the watch being near my face. Then I just give a command. Or I can still easily read the notifications, emails, texts on the large watch face. Something to help with pain is a huge plus for me.

I have difficulty with arm, hand, finger pain (amongst others! Just doing a review I have to type in stages because of the pain) so I really liked that I didn't have to hold my phone to look at it for anything unless I absolutely needed to, such as make a call. If you have body pains, stiff fingers, find it difficult to hold the latest phablet, the G Watch is a great way to get around the phone with less pain.

Notifications can get on my nerves, but again, having reminders right at my wrist is a huge bonus. I forget more than I remember. I limit which apps that I find useful to push notifications to the watch. I don't have tons of notifications on my phone, and keep it this way on my watch. I like it simple.

It's unbelievably convenient to have a pop up notification telling me my Amazon package will be delivered. I don't need to be near my phone (see photo) – which is a good thing since my phone spends a good amount of time re-charging away from me.

Which brings me to battery life for the G Watch. It is what I expected. It has lasted me a full day into the next morning with moderate use and playing around with it since I just got it. The more I used it, obviously the battery drained quicker. But, like with (or better than) a smartphone the battery lasts all day before getting pretty low. As I don't sleep with it (unlike my Garmin, which monitors sleep) I find it perfectly fine to take it off at the end of the night and put it in it's magnetized cradle and charge it up for the next day.

By utilizing the watch, I've come to save battery life on my phone.

Frankly, had I known more about the G Watch and it's convenience and capabilities, the original price would not have been so bad. But for it's current price of around $80, I highly recommend this at an affordable price. It's a great intro to smartwatches without investing hundred of dollars. As I continue learning the features, naturally future watches will do even more, and I am much more likely to invest now that I have experienced my first Smart Watch.

If you have any questions I can possibly help answer, please ask.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Very useful extension to a smart phone 7 November 2014
By Luigi Semenzato - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
This watch (I own the fully black version) works very well with my Nexus 5.

In general, I feel that a smart watch is an almost unavoidable accessory to a smart phone, especially for those who want to stay connected with minimal effort. I think the biggest challenge is getting the UI right, but this first version of Android Wear is a remarkably good effort. (Unfortunately the UI is too complex to discuss here.)

Physically it would be nice if this watch were a little smaller and thinner. The bezel could be smaller. The rectangular form factor is fine---this is not (just) a watch, it shows text, and that works better on a rectangular display IMO.

- My phone is now completely silent. (It can be configured otherwise, but that would miss the point IMO.) Phone calls and various notifications result in unobtrusive vibrations on the wrist (repeated vibrations for a phone call, a single vibration for a notification).
- I no longer have to pull the phone out of my pocket to see if I need to take the call, or act on the notification.
- Battery life is very good. Typically I have 80% charge at the end of the day. (I leave the display turned off.)
- Placing the phone on the charging cradle is almost effortless, certainly a lot easier than plugging a USB charger in
- Simple replies to text messages can be dictated quickly and effectively.
- Can be used for maps navigation
- The step counter is on by default and it's interesting to know how much one moves around.

- Lots of different settings and options---unclear how to use optimally (but the defaults are quite good)
- Long delay (1s?) when turning the watch towards one's eyes to check the time (annoying but acceptable---I haven't tried leaving it on)
- I wasted a lot of time trying out different watch faces
- Hard to read in strong sunlight (but the phone is hard too, and it's easy to shade the watch with the other hand).
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5.0 out of 5 stars I love it, now that I've tweaked things to manage battery life... 7 January 2016
By Pamski - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
This is an upgrade for me from the 1st generation Pebble. Setup was easy, it looks great, and it fits my Nemesis Black Wide Leather Cuff Wrist Watch Band perfectly. (I unsnap the bottom snap to attach the watch to the charger.) I may buy more cuffs now, because its easy to swap them out, and I'm a rebel. It paired easily with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

I didn't get to play with it as much as I would have liked last night because it spent most of its evening, and power, updating. But once it was finished, I found some cool watch faces, set up a sleep monitoring app, made sure it was fully charged again, and went to sleep.

When I woke up this morning I discovered IT WAS DEAD. Not low battery. DEAD. Overnight. While I slept. While I was not actively using it or receiving notifications. It went from fully charged to DEAD in nine hours.

I've since charged it again, and it seems to be discharging at roughly the same rate. I charged it around 11:00 and it's now at 17% at 17:30.

I'm in love with the watch and what it can do for me. It's sleek looking, with no buttons (something to get used to after the Pebble), and the gold detail. I wasn't in love with the white band, but you can use virtually any 22mm band you choose. And though it it large and rectangular, I don't think it looks ridiculously so on my "girl" wrist (I am wearing it in a leather cuff, after all). You turn it on by attaching it to the magnetic charging cradle. I've sent numerous text messages from it using my voice. I just had it read an article to me from my LA Times app on my phone. Once I've had a proper chance to play with it and configure my most used apps, I'm sure I'll be in the "How Did I Ever Live Without It?" club.

But the battery life! I understand from reading some reviews on Google Play Store that the problem is actually with Android Wear, and not the watch (the problem seems to be pretty widespread across brands after some updates released in December, from what I read). So, I don't count this as a knock against the watch itself. But I really hope that Google gets their act together soon, because I'm a busy nursing student and haven't time to stop and charge my watch two to three times a day. At least it charges quickly - in about two hours.

U P D A T E !
Okay, after doing a bit of research and tweaking a few things, I got a whole day's worth out of the watch and I'm much happier. It's been off of the charger since 01:00, it's now 20:47 and battery is at 45%. I have been using it all day, but I have been using it differently.

First, I lowered the brightness to the lowest setting. And it's been good enough. I didn't use it much outside today, but if need be I can always temporarily turn on "Brightness boost".

Second, I turned "Always-on Screen" and "Wrist Gestures" off. It's less of a hassle to tap the screen to wake it than to charge it every six hours. And because I wear the watch at night for sleep monitoring, Wrist Gestures had the screen waking every time I moved.

Lastly, I set it to "Theater Mode" last night when I went to bed. That ensures the screen won't come on at all unless you triple-tap it.

So, the watch is officially a keeper. I just hope Google gets it together and fixes the power hungry Android Wear soon.

I didn't come up with any of this on my own. I found it here: http://www.greenbot.com/article/3007772/android/extend-your-android-wear-watchs-battery-life-with-these-quick-tips.html
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4.0 out of 5 stars If you want a basic android wear watch that will get you through the day this is a good one. 18 September 2014
By Jeremy Haggard - Published on Amazon.com
I tried out both the LG G Watch and the Moto 360. When it comes down to it you really need to review the hardware itself, the software running on the device is Google Android Wear.here is my review on the LG G Watch.

The LG G Watch is a very basic smart watch. It is NOT a premium, top of the line construction, the case itself is plastic with a screen. There are no sensors to track your heart rate, the only real sensors are a pedometer and a sensor to tell if you have lifted your arm to look at the screen. What you get when you buy this particular watch is what I could consider a good Alpha or Beta product. The wrist strap itself is a rubberized material, it's not glamorous but it is very similar to a Timex watch band (material that is).

The implementation of Android wear is well done. The screen is bright and very responsive. In my testing I took the watch off the charger at 4:30 am and by 9pm I had approx 30% battery life remaining meaning I easily got through the day. Half of the day I had the screen in always on mode (but dim), the rest of the day I had it off so even "always on" you should make it through the day. The charging cradle on this watch is better than that of the Gear live, this particular cradle is one you just lay the watch in and the metal contacts connect and it starts charging. Very basic but very effective.

From a build quality I like this watch, very basic but it doesn't claim to be anything more than basic. If you really want to jump into the android wear arena this is not a bad option at all. I could see using this watch when Kayaking or running because it easily gives you the info you would want if you are using an app like runtastic or the hiking trails app.

If you want a basic android wear watch that will get you through the day this is a good one.
76 of 84 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Pleasantly surprising device, from a former Pebble Steel owner 7 February 2015
By Sean D Rice - Published on Amazon.com
I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy this device. I previously owned a Pebble Steel but it fell out of favor for being uncomfortable and functionally limited. I was very skeptical when I was gifted this for Christmas (thanks sis!), as I had read many reviews on Android Wear devices and most were lukewarm at best. Most negative reviews seemed to focus on the downright horrible battery life, some saying they couldn't even finish a full day without a recharge. My experiences couldn't be any different, as I have found very little to actually dislike about the device. This watch isn't exacltly a looker at first glance, but it's very simple and understated; it doesn't exactly scream out "look at me!", which is exaclty what I want in a watch. I wear it to the office and it doesn't look out of place at all with a button down shirt and tie. The strap is very rubbery, but I found it to be very comfortable to wear and the watch itself is very light. I found myself having to take off the Pebble Steel occasionally due to how uncomfortable the metal clasp was, but I've never had such issues with the G Watch. Android Wear certainly takes some getting used to, but it's very intuitive once you get the hang of it. I love that I have full control over my notifications that appear on the watch, and how easy it is to swipe them away if no longer needed. The notifications are also displayed in beautiful color on the watch screen, which makes the Pebble look ancient in comparision. The voice navigation has worked flawlessly so far, the watch does a very good job at recognizing what you are saying. The one thing that I really cared about was the battery life, and I could not have been happier with the results so far. I'm not sure if it was a firmware update that fixed many of the earlier woes, but my watch easily gets two days of usage before it needs a charge. Obviously that's not ideal, especially since the Pebble could go for about 5-6 days before a charge, but two days is easily more than I anticipated from many of the reviews I had read. Also the watch charges INCREDIBLY fast, a quick 15 minute charge should give you enough juice to last half a day or more. For me, I just need the watch to last me from when I get up to when I go to bed, and it passes this test with flying colors. Now that the G Watch has dropped so dramatically in price I absolutely recommend it to anyone who's remotely interested in Android Wear.

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